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Final Act of Innocence

days of youth

By Christy MunsonPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Final Act of Innocence
Photo by Mateus Guimarães on Unsplash

her cigarette smokes itself dry

lingering like Sinatra in the ashtray

evaporating sweet as memories

of summer Saturdays

soaking up sun,

those long lasting

breezy evenings

spent swimming at the watering hole

down along the windswept wilds

of the rugged Rappahannock

with Robert Joseph

when she could still

hold her breath


and hold her water and

water her tulips and roses and daffodils

without slipping a disc

in the old days--

those younger days--

the final act of innocence

when slipping into something more comfortable

was as easy as being

comfortable in her own skin

when risking running for no reason

was not

beyond reason: the season of flight was hers

and she was

racing the wind

and sin

was a thrilling temptation,

not a curse,

not the accursed place

where she


to a pile

of dripping ashes

spilling over the edge


Copyright © 03/02/2024 by Christy Munson. All rights reserved.

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  • Randy Baker2 months ago

    Oh, wow! This is excellent. Lots of great lines and phrases. "The rugged Rappahannock" is a simple phrase, but is outstanding alliteration.

  • Rowan Finley 2 months ago

    Great imagery!

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