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To Exist, Step Forth

By Mel E. FurnishPublished about a year ago Updated about a year ago 3 min read
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Under the corruption's shadow, we work,

Toiling under boiling pressure, we exert,

All of us, our being becomes enveloped,

Trapping us in a system developed,

For walls closing in on us of different kinds,

Finances, worries, troubles, failures, all crashing in, all signs.

The pressure has forced change.

Change to adapt and transform.

To become something more,

To no longer conform,

To improve from the struggle,

Amongst the rumble,

After you've crumbled.

We are constantly evolving,

From caterpillar phase,

Holding back would be devolving.

Seek out the butterfly days.

There you'll be solving,

The next phase, after and on.

Always shifting into something new,

For the unique environments, also ever-changing.

The butterfly opening its wings amidst the dew,

Spreading to fly, out into the sky, boldly ranging.

Our faith in the leap,

The next step of our lives,

Always something more for future archives,

Up the steep,

Mountains of change - they seem so scary,

Because change is painful - don't be too wary.

It will hurt, just as you have all times before as you developed,

You will change, you will adapt, you will grow as you're enveloped.

As you've emerged into this form,

You endured great pain through adolescence,

To build on your igniting essence,

Be free of the norm.

As grow we must rest more sometime,

So that we can emerge better tomorrow.

If we do not care for health most time,

From our diet, exercise, mindset, and sorrow,

We are putting ourselves at risk,

We should encourage ourselves to be steady and brisk.

Vulnerability escalates as we allow our bodies to succumb,

Becoming bitter and even numb,

With negativity and sickness of the mind.

Together, they are a dangerous duo for our kind.

May you rise above the troubles and fears,

Spread your wings to shine in your passions with cheers.

These tears are not forever.

This cocoon is as temporary as the weather,

Always shifting and drifting about, like your endeavor.

Break the mental tether,

Binding your mind in lost time.

Trust your climb.


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