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Define Home

by Paula Joseph about a month ago in social commentary

What if I Don't Know What it Means?

"Define home?"

You mean home like home run when you run pass the goalie and you score a point?

Or do you mean home like my homie like that one guy in town and everyone knows his name?

Or do you mean home, home-ec like homemade eggs, grits, waffles, and some gravy.

Or do you mean home like my home town you want me to rep where I’m from?

Use it in a sentence?

How do you spell it?

What if I don’t know what it means?

"Define home?"

Well its just four walls to me.

"Define home,"

Its a person place or thing.

"Define home?"

I think home is where the heart is.

"Define home?"

I think home is sunshine.

"Define home?"

I think home is being happy,

I think home is comfort,

I think home is love...

Its a person, place or thing you love.

I can’t tell you what it means I can only tell you what I imagine it to be.

To me its everything I never had but always wanted.

My home is somebody to love that loves me.

social commentary

Paula Joseph

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Paula Joseph
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