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"Reverberations of Time everlasting"

"An Ensemble of Heartfelt Refrain"

By Kamran AlamPublished about a month ago 1 min read

In the immortal dance of life, reverberations wait,

In murmurs delicate, they sing of bygone eras.

Minutes temporary, yet always they persevere,

In the embroidered artwork of time, they blend.

Each stanza a string, each line a song,

Scribing stories of affection, misfortune, and dream.

Through the passages of memory, they meander,

Catching pith, making pulses their home.

In the profundities of quiet, their reverberations dwell,

Directing spirits on ventures, all over.

For in verse's hug, we track down time everlasting's gleam,

Reverberations of the past, in the present, they flow

In the dance of life, murmurs wait, ageless and shrewd.

Strings of refrain weave stories of adoration, misfortune, and dreamscape.

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Kamran Alam

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  • Kamran Alam (Author)30 days ago

    "Where are you from?"

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  • Well done !!!

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