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"Astral Reverie"

"Whispers of the Cosmos"

By Kamran AlamPublished about a month ago 1 min read

In the embroidery of stars, murmurs divine,

Divine bodies in effortless plan.

Endless dance, an orchestra significant,

Where systems sing without a sound,.

Inestimable waves, an expressive dance of light,

Painting the material of the evening.

Time's tune, an immortal refrain,

Reverberating through the divine area.

In the tremendous region where dreams take off,

Trust gleams in the haziest evening.

Through the universe, our spirits take off.

In this timeless orchestra, forevermore.

universe's tune, a show-stopper untold,

In its excellence, secrets unfurl.

Endless miracle, in each stanza,

In the core of creation, we drench.

In the quieted breadth where powers of fate line up,

Enormous mysteries in heavenly bodies sparkle.

Astral expressive dance, an ensemble peaceful,

Where universes dance in domains concealed.

Limitless songs of heavenly effortlessness,

Winding around stories in the enormous space.

Time's delicate bedtime song, immortal craftsmanship,

In the huge territory where dreams leave.

In the enormous ensemble, where spirits join together,

Reverberations of trust in the most obscure evening.

Across the universe, our spirits wander.

In this everlasting dream, seeing as home.

Uncovering ponders, in each stanza,

Astral murmurs in the universe.

In the core of creation, we track down our place,

In this timeless orchestra of effortlessness,.

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Kamran Alam

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