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"Aroma of Affection"

"In the ways of affection lies a wonderful tint, each sight perfumed once more."

By Kamran AlamPublished about a month ago 1 min read

From the profundities of the heart emerges a call,

Love's waves contact the earth,

In each second, simply another shade,

Each story embellished with scents,

An exceptional stream lives in hearts,

The excursion of affection, a story so separated.

The twilight evening, discussions of blossoms,

In each sweet grin lies a secret story,

A melody of pulses, such as murmuring,

In each word conceals a story,

The aroma of adoration, dug in every step of the way,

The chain of connections, that inestimable agitate.

The radiance of stars, similar to moonlight,

In each second, simply another world,

In the pulses lies a longing,

In the ways of affection lies a delightful shade,

Each sight perfumed once more,

This is to be sure the impact of the scent of adoration.

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"Kamran Alam: Karachi-based Digital Marketing & Content Writer. Crafting captivating narratives and driving online success. Let's elevate your brand's online presence together!"

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