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Dear John

by Caitlin Parsons 3 years ago in love poems
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Another Chapter in My Story

The magic in your eyes holds the starlight sneaking through my windows, and laying in stripes along my bedside. I guess it's the magic that you can make appear, disappear, and reappear as you see fitting. What I mean is your love.

Ocean wave love like a beautiful disaster but I can’t stop staring. Destruction rushing upon me, I stand and wait for the beauty that it will bring after. In this moment, I look around and wonder if this sand is really just the other souls you loved and crushed. They couldn’t withstand your destruction and crumbled to nothing but together, they are everything. Hidden gems occasionally surface and are collected by other souls as memories. How interesting it is that we collect the borders of what once held life other than our own and find beauty in the emptiness. But to love our own emptiness would mean killing parts of ourselves that aren’t ready to let go.

I wish I could see the mountains that you climb. I want you to know that you are never alone. As long as I’m alive, you will never be alone. I want to follow the lines in the palms of your hands and compare them to mine. I want to see where on the path we met, and where we’re going.

Words for you balance off of the tip of my tongue and hang from the wrecking ball in the back of my throat. Imagine constantly living with the feeling of needing to say something but the words refuse to vacate. My words grow more meaning the longer they occupy my space. Then I feel the need to find a million more ways to explain what it’s like to be in love with you.

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About the author

Caitlin Parsons

26 years old. STL.

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