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Daily Rituals

a poem on observation of our peculiar daily routines

By Solomon WalkerPublished about a month ago 1 min read
daily rituals by Solomon

In the cadence of life's symphony,

Where moments blend in harmony,

There lies a truth, profound and wise,

In routines that grace our daily ties.

Like a river's steady, flowing stream,

Routines weave a pattern, it would seem,

Through the montage of our existence,

They offer solace, a gentle persistence.

In the waking hours of each new dawn,

A ritual unfolds, a rhythm reborn,

From the tender touch of morning's embrace,

To the steps we take, with measured grace.

The brushing of teeth, a splash of water,

Simple acts, but they do matter,

For in these habits, we find our ground,

A sanctuary where peace is found.

In the brewing of a cup of tea,

Or the stretching of limbs, wild and free,

We find solace in these sacred acts,

A refuge from life's chaotic tracks.

For routines, they anchor us in time,

A compass, guiding us through life's climb,

They offer structure, a steady guide,

In a world where chaos may reside.

Yet routines are more than mere repetition,

They hold the power of self-reflection,

In the mundane, we find a deeper truth,

A chance to ponder, to unearth our youth.

For in the rhythm of our daily grind,

We discover treasures left behind,

In the mundane, we find the extraordinary,

A chance to grow, to be visionary.

So let us honour these rituals we keep,

In the moments before we drift to sleep,

For in the tapestry of our everyday,

Routines become the threads that stay.

They remind us of our purpose and worth,

In the grand symphony of this vast earth,

For in the simplest acts, we find our way,

And rituals become our guiding ray.

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About the Creator

Solomon Walker

Artist, Photographer, Poet, Entrepreneur. Director, Museum of Digital Fine Arts (MoDFA). Solomon is also creator and curator of MoDFA art group on LinkedIn.

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Comments (2)

  • angela hepworthabout a month ago

    Routines are truly a part of all of us!

  • Esala Gunathilakeabout a month ago

    Nice work

Solomon WalkerWritten by Solomon Walker

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