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The AI Attack on Humanity

Hiding in Plain Sight

By Julie StullPublished about a month ago Updated about a month ago 4 min read
Top Story - June 2024

This dream haunted me for years. It seemed like I couldn't go not even one night without this same dream. Sometimes, something new would happen but the little boy was always with me. I still cannot figure out who he was. Perhaps he was my son in a past life?

It always starts with the AI Robots attacking us. It is always outside at a military base and they keep shooting and killing us. I recall it happens at night into the early hours of the morning.

"Please listen to me!" I shouted over and over again. Everyone was terrified. Everyone was screaming and I had to keep my eyes on the little boy.

He had blonde hair. Old enough to understand what I was saying and follow me and young enough to die if he left my side.

"Grab my jacket, never let go of me!", I repeated over and over again.

His eyes welled up with tears and he just nodded and understood that if we got separated, it was the end. We were all crying. We were all exhausted.

My heart was racing. I couldn't catch my breath.

I finally stopped and held the boys hand and looked at all of them. Some old, some young, some wounded.

I had to scream because the bombs were coming towards us and it got louder and louder. We hid behind a trailer hoping to create a barrier between the metal and smoke. Everything was destroyed. I couldn't find a vehicle to escape with or a plane to try and fly. Instead we just ran as fast as we could.

Everyone finally stopped and looked at me crying and shouting "where can we go, how do you know you are going in the right direction?"

But I just knew. But I couldn't figure out how to tell them. They wouldn't believe me if I tried. Or would they? I started crying and finally looked up and said to all of them. "You just have to trust me." "Follow me and I will lead us all to safety." "It is just beyond these trees but first we have to make a run for it. We have to try!"

I could hear everyone gasping for air as if they understood and believed me.

And just like that I turned to look at the little boy and said. "Ready?"

He replied, "yes".

I said, "RUN and don't look back!" "Hold my hand and never let go! Do you understand?" He replied, "Yes", sobbing once more.

In that split moment, I crouched down as if I was in a race back at school and I began to cry. Keep it together, I told myself.

It is going to be ok. You have to do this! No one else will!

We all ran, the little boy was hanging onto me for dear life sobbing. I grabbed him and told him I will never let go.

A few of us did not make it. We tried going back for them but it was no use. The AI robots were here and killing everyone. We couldn't hide behind the metal anymore.

We kept picking each other up. One would fall and another would pick them up. I kept yelling, "help them!

"Get them up we are almost there!" "Keep going!" "Keep running!"

Finally, the bombing seemed so far away. We could hear explosions and people crying for help but it just got further and further away until we could no longer hear them.

We came upon an enormous forest of the biggest tree's I had ever seen.

We kept walking, it seemed for hours and suddenly, a mist came over the land in front of us.

When the mist parted open, I realized we were finally here.

We were safe. The little boy looked up at me smiling and I cried with joy, I cried for all of us. I looked back at everyone and we just all started hugging one another. We made it. Oh my God. We made it!

I fell to my knees in exhaustion and looked up. This beautiful gold shimmering light fell upon all of us and I knew we were home. We were safe.

I jolted from my dream. I was sobbing uncontrollably. Finally I was calm again. I grabbed the tissue on my night stand. Ugh, no more. I got up and got some toilet paper to blow my nose. I looked into the mirror. Why does this dream haunt me every night. I turned to look at the clock and again it was 3am. For a long dream how could it be exactly 3am?

Why do I dream this every night? Who is this little boy? Where are we?

Who are all these people? Why did the AI want to exterminate the human race? Was this really all a dream?

I got up and made coffee. I tried to shake off the dream. I turned on some music then decided to go for a run.

Later that night I found myself worried that I may drift off back into the dream. I told myself, if I do, no matter what, we live!

Sci Fi

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Julie Stull

Writing is how we express ourselves. For me, it is a way of life. When we write, not only can we transport ourselves into another time but our reader gets to enjoy a glimpse of another place even if it is just for a moment.

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  • Dr. Jason Benskin28 days ago

    Congratulations on having your story featured as a top story on Vocal! This is a remarkable achievement, and it's clear why your work has received such recognition. Your storytelling is truly exceptional. The narrative was not only compelling but also beautifully crafted, holding my attention from start to finish. The way you developed the characters and plot was masterful, making the story both engaging and thought-provoking. Your unique voice and perspective shine through, setting your work apart. It’s evident that you poured a lot of passion and effort into this piece, and it has certainly paid off. I look forward to reading more of your incredible stories in the future. Keep up the fantastic work! Best regards, Dr. Jay

  • Asanga Cooreyabout a month ago


  • Golam Kibriaabout a month ago

    Nice writing

  • Maslah sokorow Aliabout a month ago

    wonderful writing

  • Timinibife Charlesabout a month ago


  • shanmuga priyaabout a month ago

    Really liked your story... about AI robots....

  • Rachel Sabout a month ago

    Nice job! It’s a bit scary to think about where the world is up to…

Julie StullWritten by Julie Stull

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