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Colors of Love

A Poem

By Blake DylanPublished 6 years ago 1 min read

Purple was every first: love, kiss, mistake, and heartbreak. She was thunderstorms in the late summer, paint brushes with residue left on them. She was nature trails, crystal clear water, melting ice cream. She was abandoned playgrounds, loud dance music, oversized sweaters, and Netflix binge sessions.

Orange was hard and fast, fire consuming its surroundings. She was distant jazz music, late night ice cream runs. She was whispered gossip, an empty auditorium, jolly ranchers. She was a humid summer eve, a twangy ukulele, golden hour highlight, and morning regret.

Blue was rainy nights, stormy weather. She was wet leaves in the spring, overflowing emotion spilling everywhere. She was comfortable silence, starry night skies, cloudy gray afternoon. She was wind chill, hoodies, cold pizza at midnight, and bitter coffee.

Green was a hard rock concert, heart pounding and over too soon. She was an original Gibson guitar, a rusted black Toyota. She was leather jackets, piercings, hair dye. She was scratched vinyl, heavy boots, smoke, and an abandoned recording studio.

Pink was crisp and clean, a brand new notebook just waiting to be filled with words. She was soft hands, sun breaking through clouds. She was dance shoes, coffee shops, soft piano music. She was blurred photographs, dusty book jackets, old buildings stretching skyward, and tired, content smiles.

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About the Creator

Blake Dylan

Just a dude looking for my voice to be heard.

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    Blake DylanWritten by Blake Dylan

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