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5:52 AM

A Poem

By Blake DylanPublished 6 years ago 1 min read

It's 5:52 AM

Heat pressed between bodies in the morning

You're curled against me

Asking questions that constellate between us

Your words are water that immerse our thoughts

Into peaceful conversation

I couldn't be closer to you

Our skin molds like clay

We become one being

Your warmth spills around me like these shards of morning light

I open my eyes

It's 5:52 AM.

The cold hollow of being alone presses down on me

I choke on the stale air of a childhood bedroom

The rivers of conversation have dried up

But that only caused the floodgates to open

Everything feels darker

I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel

It mocks me

The only voice I can hear is the echo in my head

It's not worth it

It'll never be worth it

You're not good enough

You'll never be good enough

So I close my eyes

And pray that when I open them

It will be 5:53

And you'll be here again

sad poetry

About the Creator

Blake Dylan

Just a dude looking for my voice to be heard.

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    Blake DylanWritten by Blake Dylan

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