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by Heather Hubler 16 days ago in slam poetry
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a dark poem

This is a dark poem written for a writing prompt in the True Crime, Horror Story & Dark Poetry fb group. Here is the prompt: you can write either a #story or #poem that includes a funeral, a bouncy house and lifeless body/bodies. Make it as twisted and as creepy as you can!


I watch your body bump and bounce, but I don't give one single ounce

Of fucks over your dead body.

Your form bent wrong at the bottom of the stairs,

Causes me to smile, no more illicit affairs,

You got what you deserved.

For you were a right son of a bitch. You made my skin crawl and itch;

I'm not sad you're gone.

Someone else can go cry a river over your rotting, septic liver,

At this farce they call a funeral today.

I have no intention to celebrate,

Someone I've come to loathe and hate.

You don't deserve a drop of sympathy.

A suit to work, put on the front; every day with you a battlefront.

Sorry, I'm most definitely not sorry.

Really it's all a joke to me, 'cause all you'll ever be

Is a creepy clown, an inflatable bouncing around, with a threatening frown,

In the horror show you made my life.

And now here you flounce and flop, to that empty six-foot plot,

Without another thought, and there you'll mold and rot.

Good riddance.

slam poetry

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Heather Hubler

Coffee/reading/writing/family–my favorite things in life. I have a degree in biochemistry but my split personality loves creative writing just as much!

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  • Colleen Millsteed15 days ago

    Oh boy I love this Heather. Great take on Dharsheena’s prompt hahaha.

  • Oh damn!

  • Gina C.16 days ago

    This was wickedly good! You have some divinely clever wording in here. I loved this line, "Someone else can go cry a river over your rotting, septic liver," Great job!! 😍😍

  • VERY macabre! Almost like a twisted fun house of imagery. WELL done!!

  • Very dark and a great take on the challenge

  • Omggg this was awesomeeee! Fantabulous! So twisted and I loved the lack of remorse. That's how it should be done. We should never feel guilty when we off people who make our life a living hell. Lol, I loved your poem!

  • Dawn Salois16 days ago

    Great job on the challenge! This is very dark.

  • Cathy holmes16 days ago

    Also, this line here "A suit to work, put on the front; every day with you a battlefront", I swear I was expecting to hear "you useless, miserable rotten c**t" in there somewhere. 🤣🤣

  • Cathy holmes16 days ago

    Hahahaha. Omfg. This is fantastic.

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