In Time

When I think of art,

Pictures, for example,

I love getting lost in thought,

The beauty that is captured.

The outlines, the colors. So expressive!

The same happens when I listen to my dark music,

The singer can show me his or her feelings,

they have with such strong power,

At that point, I am glad I am not alone, someone else knows how I feel,

and they express it so real.

If it is through pictures, poetry, or music,

I enjoy how it makes me feel inside,

to lose myself, Deep in thought,

time can just fly by when I am in my creative space,

that truly is my safe and happy place.

Crystal Korpan
Crystal Korpan
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Crystal Korpan
I recently published my poems at Pagemaster Publishing my book is called Different sides of me. Thank you for enjoying my words .

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