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The Dance of Recovery

Harmony in Healing: The Rhythmic Path to Wholeness

By Tracy ToccaraPublished 24 days ago 1 min read

In the quiet of the night, I found my pace, A rhythm born from trials, a steady grace. Each step, a note in life’s grand composition, A dance of recovery, my soul’s elation.

I stumbled, I fell, yet rose with the dawn, For even the steps backwards were part of the song. They taught me resilience, strength from within, A melody of progress, a journey to begin.

The music swelled as I embraced each fall, Knowing that every misstep was a call. To learn, to grow, to find my way back, To the dance floor of life, where dreams never lack.

So here I stand, in the spotlight’s warm glow, My rhythm unbroken, my spirit aglow. For in this dance of recovery, I’ve found, that every step forward is truly profound.


About the Creator

Tracy Toccara

Tracy Toccara is a poet and a warrior of life whose verses chronicle a profound journey from the shadows of addiction to the light of recovery. Her collection of poems is not merely words on a page; it is a testament to her resilience.

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Comments (1)

  • Novel Allen24 days ago

    Very wise words, dance can heal every problem and heal the soul like sunshine after the winter thaw. Dance on into recovery. Great advice and song.

Tracy ToccaraWritten by Tracy Toccara

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