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Mirror On The Wall

Reflections of Resilience: A Journey Beyond the Mirror

By Tracy ToccaraPublished about a month ago 1 min read

In the glass, a gaze so deep,

A lineage of sorrow, secrets to keep.

The eyes that meet mine, a mirror's tale,

Of battles fought and storms that prevail.

A heritage of pain, a shadowed past,

In every glance, the memories cast.

Yet within this frame of glass and light,

Lies strength untold, a will to fight.

For though the reflection may show,

A history of woes that ebb and flow,

It's not the end of what I see,

But the start of setting myself free.

I'll break the chains of what was given,

And forge a path that's truly driven.

By hope and dreams that soar so high,

I'll rise above, and touch the sky.

So let the mirror show what it will,

But know my spirit's never still.

For I am more than what I've been told,

A story of courage, brave and bold.

fact or fiction

About the Creator

Tracy Toccara

Tracy Toccara is a poet and a warrior of life whose verses chronicle a profound journey from the shadows of addiction to the light of recovery. Her collection of poems is not merely words on a page; it is a testament to her resilience.

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    Tracy ToccaraWritten by Tracy Toccara

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