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By Hridya SharmaPublished 30 days ago 1 min read

The horizon awaits the embellishment of its blending hues,

To be dazzled in its beauties, to be unafraid of the unknown mighty blue.

The abundance of the light seeps through the crevices of the incessant doubt,

Blazing in its magnanimity, the yonder of life sheds its wearies and in its uproar,

Set on its throne unabashed and aloud.


Mellowing to its love and masquerading through its pain,

The existence of the alluring mortality falters to relish its name.

Silence lies in the wondrous prowess of being,

To tiptoe in the art of hustle and to tirelessly strive in the world unseen.

Often we admonish to keep the beloved air of secrecy,

Regrets creep in the hinds, failing before the very eyes.


The wheels of time churn their human flour in the toils of sweat and tears,

Plonking us into the Constance of dancing through the regrets and smiling through the fears.

If you may, let your days be affiled with the joy of the confounding presence of now,

Embracing the moment in which your sight lies in the partake of all that strife endows.

Profoundness in existing as you are, marks the onset of who you ought to be

Let thy be reminded of all the radiance of the eternal light that outshines in the precipice of thee.


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Comments (2)

  • Esala Gunathilake30 days ago

    What a lovely poem. Well written.

  • This was so profound and wonderful. Loved your poem!

Hridya SharmaWritten by Hridya Sharma

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