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Awfully Thin


By Lizzie MartinezPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

I sit here each day

Think of all these things I want for you and I

But when it comes down to my skin it's awfully thin

And I have to stick myself back together so I don’t fall apart

Try to keep myself stuck together

Somehow … some way

I work my fingers to the bones

Pins and needles score the part that refuses to stay together around my heart

In my world, you exist

But in yours I’m amiss

For no one must know of a love like ours

Selfishly pulling me apart

Awfully thin my skin feels

Cold breezes settle into numb the needles where they bruise

But nothing or no one can complete me

The way you do

It’s in my world you exist

And yet in yours, I’m amiss

I sit here to try and think with clarity and nothing comes

Then bring brevity but it too escapes me

I sit here and see your face

Want to touch your lips

And embrace

But it seems I’m the only one

I shall no longer walk or run

I have stopped where I had begun

No more and nothing would make me happier than to be next to you

Secrets come and secrets go

But with you, I only know as home

And now there is no home if I can’t exist

Lay my head down on the ground

Stoned to death is where I’m bound without you

I wish you could see how much I love the sweet things about you

But there is only an awfully thin veil between you and me

And I sit here and my thoughts devour me

I cannot walk

I cannot run

I’m standing here

Standing still as can be

I wish you could understand that I’ve waited for so long just to be

And now no heartbeat can soothe me

Instead, they all use me

And my eyes are open to see

The light grows dim and I need that father that I belong to

And yet it seems wrong to need

But that’s how I am

I crave something so sweet

Tender lips against mine to meet

And never move away

It’s awfully thin skin holding me together

Pins and needles keep me sewn here forever

I wish I could just feel you

Every holiday that passes

Or events that take place

I have to sit here without you and let you exist

And for you I’m amiss

A secret with an invisible kiss

I feel myself tonight want to crawl out of my skin

I’m longing and hoping for a miracle

But I think I’m going to let us both down anyway

I know you want me to stay

But I need you close to me

Instead of keeping me at bay

I can’t control how I feel

It’s these awfully thin walls that are ripping apart

Pins and needles can’t keep me here

I’m just lost without you

I can no longer walk

I can no longer run

I’m not moving along anymore

I’ll close my eyes and turn the other way

I need some escape or maybe a breakthrough

I can’t keep doing this even though it seems to be working for you

I’m left awfully thin beneath my skin

Stop my breath and give in

Give up

My cup isn’t overflowing

I broke my cup yesterday

I don’t want to

I don’t mean to

I don’t need to be

In my heart, you exist to me

But in your life it’s amiss and my breath is gone from me

Life is fair if you let it be

Be only one of us will truly see

What the other means to thee

And now it is what it is

Awfully thin skin

Rectify my careless sin

No one here can win

No matter how much I love you

I just wanted to love you

I guess time is up

The pain is too big and there’s nothing you can do

I just needed you

But my being was awfully thin

One plus one doesn’t equal two except here with me

But not with you

There lies a secret

And in the end

I just needed you

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About the Creator

Lizzie Martinez

Little person, actor, published author of several books & other works, poet, Script Writer, Expert Paranormal Investigator/ Consultant/Instructor & Founder of my own paranormal business & Sensitive Medium.

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    Lizzie MartinezWritten by Lizzie Martinez

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