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A Rare Radiant Gem

A Treasure To Be Treasured

By KajananPublished 4 months ago 1 min read

A Rare and Radiant Gem, So Bright

There's something rare above this earth,

That sparkles with its inner worth,

A gem of light, so pure and bright,

It takes our breath away at sight.

It's not a diamond, gold or pearl,

That one might find in any world,

It's something much more rare and true,

A gift from heaven, shining through.

It shines with love and hope and grace,

It spreads its warmth in every place,

It brings a smile to every face,

And leaves a trail of light and grace.

It's not just any ordinary gem,

It's one that's special, just for them,

It shines with joy and peace and love,

A gift from God, sent from above.

It shines with wisdom, strength and power,

A guiding light in every hour,

It brings a comfort like no other,

A light that shines in every weather.

It's not just any ordinary gem,

It's one that's rare, a shining gem,

A gift of love, so bright and clear,

A treasure that's truly rare and dear.

It brings a hope to every soul,

A light that makes us whole,

It shines with grace, so bright and clear,

A rare and radiant gem, so dear.

So hold it tight, this shining gem,

And let its light guide you within,

And when the world is dark and cold,

Its light will warm you, young and old.

For it's a rare and radiant gem,

A treasure to be treasured and held,

A light that shines in every soul,

A gift from heaven, to make us whole.

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