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A Dance Under the Stars

love poem

By Fazil AhamedPublished about a month ago 1 min read

In fields of dreams where whispers play,

A love unfurls its gentle sway.

Underneath the moon's soft ray,

Two hearts unite, come what may.

In your embrace, I find my song,

Where doubts and fears no longer belong.

With you, my love, I truly belong,

In your arms, I feel strong.

Like flowers blooming in the spring,

Our love blossoms, a precious thing.

In your eyes, I see everything,

In your love, my heart takes wing.

Through the trials that life may bring,

Together, we'll face each sting.

With you, my love, I'll wear love's ring,

In your love, my soul will sing.

So let's dance beneath the starlit sky,

In each other's arms, let's fly.

Hand in hand, side by side,

In your love, my heart will abide.

Forever bound, forever true,

In your love, I've found my view.

With you, my love, all is anew,

In your love, my dreams come true.

love poems

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Fazil Ahamed

im a content writer who is passionate about creating compelling and engaging content for various platforms.Im possesses excellent writing skills and an eye for detail that helps them create content that resonates with readers

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