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Whispers of Unrequited Love

unrequited love

By Fazil AhamedPublished 3 months ago ā€¢ 1 min read
one side love

In the silence of the moon's soft glow,

I whisper secrets only stars can hear,

For in my heart, a love does grow,

Unseen, unheard, yet crystal clear.

With every breath, I feel your name,

A melody that haunts my dreams,

Though one-sided, love's eternal flame,

Burns bright within, or so it seems.

I watch you from afar each day,

A silent witness to your grace,

But in your eyes, I'll never sway,

A distant figure in your space.

Yet still, I cherish every glance,

Every smile, though not for me,

For in this unrequited dance,

I find a bittersweet solace, free.

So let this love, unspoken, soar,

In realms where only I reside,

For in my heart, forevermore,

One-sided love will softly abide.

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Fazil Ahamed

im a content writer who is passionate about creating compelling and engaging content for various platforms.Im possesses excellent writing skills and an eye for detail that helps them create content that resonates with readers

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