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You Will Never Have To Chase True Love

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By Muhammad Arifin Published 2 months ago 3 min read

I remember the day like it was yesterday. It wasn’t under the sparkling lights of a grand event, nor was it set up through the meticulous planning of friends.

It was ordinary, unexpected, and utterly random. I met her in the least romantic of places — a local bookstore, lost in the philosophy section.

Our conversation started with Nietzsche and wandered through realms of casual banter, shared interests, and unexpected laughter. It felt natural, easy, like breathing

In that simplicity, I found something profound — a connection that didn’t require effort, persuasion, or pretense. It was in this effortless moment that I found my partner for life.

This encounter taught me an invaluable lesson, one that goes beyond the realms of romantic love and extends into the essence of true friendship: You don’t have to chase what’s meant for you.

True connections are not built on the anxiety of pursuit or the fear of loss. They are discovered in the comfort of mutual understanding, in the ease of being your genuine self, and in the shared joy of life’s simple moments.

The pursuit of love and friendship often feels like a relentless chase, marked by a series of strategic moves, careful planning, and sometimes, sheer luck. But, from my own journey, I’ve learned that the most authentic relationships are those that you don’t have to tirelessly run after.

They come to you with the lightness of being, where the effort feels effortless, and the connection, seamless.

“The most beautiful things in life are not chased after but are discovered in the simplicity of the ordinary.”

True love and friendship are akin to coming home — a place where you are accepted, cherished and loved for who you are, not for the lengths you’ve gone to be noticed.

This realization invites us to shift our perspective from one of active pursuit to one of open receptivity. It’s about creating space in our lives for these connections to enter, to grow, and to flourish naturally..

In the initial encounter with Love, my heart bore the weight of betrayal, and I questioned its intentions. Love tenderly responded, "It was your expectations. I am incapable of betrayal."

Upon the second rendezvous with Love, my spirit felt crushed, and I inquired, "How could you have hurt me?" Love's reply was a gentle reminder, "It was your reaction to the situation. I am incapable of causing pain."

The third encounter left me drained of energy, prompting me to ask, "How could you have depleted me?" Love's wisdom flowed, "It was your lack of self-love and failure to set appropriate boundaries. I am incapable of depleting you."

The fourth meeting brought a sense of solitude, and I queried, "How could you have abandoned me?" Love assured me, "I am always with you and can never leave you, as I dwell within you."

As the fifth encounter unfolded, my soul stood vulnerable and exposed. I asked, "How could you have embarrassed me?" Love gently clarified, "It was your ego that caused you to feel embarrassed. I am incapable of experiencing or causing shame."

When anger coursed through me during the sixth meeting, I demanded, "How could you have taken from me?" Love's response was resolute, "I cannot take from you. I give while asking for nothing in return, as I am unconditional."

The seventh time, a deep sadness enveloped me, and I questioned, "How could you have fooled me and then used me?" Love's reply was wrapped in gentle compassion, "Do not mistake someone’s inability to love you for the truth of who I am."

And finally, in the eighth and final meeting, I embraced Love as an old friend. Free from expectations, heartbreak, pain, shame, and conditions, Love enveloped me and whispered, "Now you truly know me."

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