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Work Is Love Made Visible

Read the poem by Kahlil Gibran before or after reading this post.

By Wam RelloraPublished about a month ago 2 min read
Work Is Love Made Visible
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I was driving to work one day and decided to listen to this Mindvalley meditation about work. It was a 45-minute drive, so I always took it as a chance to listen to meditations, podcasts, or music, depending on what I felt I needed.

It was a poetic meditation where Vishen Lakhiani literally just read Kahlil Gibran's poem called Work from the book "The Prophet."

I read The Prophet in college and couldn't remember the poem. "Maybe it's time to reread it," I told myself.

Then, I just remembered the whole bunch of book purchases I made that are slowly filling up my shelves, but I still haven't had a chance to finish reading. Most of them, I don't even have the time to start reading.

"Maybe later than sooner," I told myself again.

I listened.

It was a beautiful poem.

"Work is love made visible" is the line that sums up everything described in the poem.

The most effective care that one can give as a pediatric home care nurse or any nurse is to care with love. It doesn't have to be added to the nursing care plan.

I considered those times when I had love at work and compared them to those times when I didn't.

When I have love, I have more patience, I am focused on the care I am giving, and I do not think about myself but I think about my patient's welfare.

When I am far from having that love, I am impatient. I am more focused on thinking about what I should've been doing than being here at work, doing what I never really planned to do. I let the ego mind take over.

I understand that nobody could perfect this unless you're like Jesus. There will always be those moments when you have something else you worry about that makes you impatient while at work, sometimes growth periods, or even hormones messing you up.

So, we get impatient. We get grumpy. We become perfectionists without realizing that we're becoming that asshole that we're trying hard not to become.

Sometimes, it helps to remind yourself that worry won't change anything. Impatience about your situation or other parts of your life won't change anything.

No matter what you do and who you are, you still have to finish that shift!

The best way to manage this is to write everything down. Set goals and plan them out. But remind yourself that you don't have to achieve everything immediately because there is always a right time for everything.

And when you are at work, it's time for work.

According to Dave Asprey, when we are unkind, it's mostly because our mitochondria don't have enough energy to help us be kind. This shows especially when you reach your 30s.

That's me!

This could mean a simple diet change or overall habits can make a huge difference. Whatever you're doing when you are off work contributes a lot to who you are when you're at work.

Remember the last time you slept well? How did it affect your day? How did it affect your work? How did it affect you?

Whatever love you give to yourself shows.

If you have love, it shows.

If LOVE is at work, it is visible.

Your neighbor,


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