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Woke at 3

Self-Reflection Story

By Muhammad Wildan HabibiePublished 11 months ago 3 min read
Woke at 3
Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash

At 3 AM, the kid jolted awake, his mind fuzzy, unaware of the reason for his sudden alertness. However, an eerie sensation clung to him, whispering that something was amiss. Throwing off his blanket, he shuffled towards the window, peering out into the gloomy street below.

Deserted and cloaked in darkness, the street revealed a lurking figure standing in the shadows. This figure, tall and slender, donned a long black coat. The child couldn't discern its face, yet he felt an intense gaze fixated upon him.

Fear tingled through the child's veins, but curiosity tugged at his sleeve. He yearned to uncover the figure's identity and purpose. Braving his trepidation, he unlatched the window and ventured outside.

As the child faced the figure, it turned, and to his horror, he encountered a faceless void, devoid of any features. The child's terror found its voice, screaming as he sprinted back indoors.

Slamming the window shut, he locked it tightly, seeking refuge in the sanctuary of his room. Safety enveloped him, yet his mind remained consumed by questions. Who was this enigmatic figure? And what did it desire?

The following day, the child confided in his parents, divulging the tale of what he had witnessed. Initially skeptical, his parents gradually succumbed to his unwavering honesty.

Determined to help their child, they sought the guidance of a therapist. This professional diagnosed the child with a recurring nightmare, assuring the concerned parents that he would eventually outgrow it.

But the child did not outgrow it. Night after night, the figure continued its haunting visits, perpetuating the child's distress.

One night, the child's resolve reached its breaking point. He decided he had endured enough and must confront the figure to unearth its intentions.

Summoning his courage, the child abandoned his bed and approached the window once more. There stood the figure, patiently awaiting his arrival.

Swinging the window open, the child stepped outside, eyes fixed on the enigmatic entity. The figure turned its gaze towards him, void of expression.

"What do you want?" the child inquired, his voice tremulous yet resolute.

Silence hung in the air as the figure offered no verbal response, only empty white eyes locking onto the child's.

"Are you going to harm me?" the child pressed, his heart pounding within his chest.

With a slow, deliberate shake of its head, the figure denied ill intentions.

"No," it whispered. "I simply wish to converse."

Surprise coursed through the child's veins. Never had he anticipated such a response from the figure.

"What would you like to discuss?" the child queried, curiosity intertwining with caution.

"I yearn to delve into the root of your fear," the figure revealed.

"I fear you because you're different," the child confessed, his voice wavering. "You lack a face."

"A face is not my requirement," the figure asserted. "I perceive you perfectly well."

"But I cannot perceive you," the child countered. "I cannot even glimpse into your eyes."

"Because you have yet to look beyond the surface," the figure explained. "Once you gaze deeper, you shall realize our similarities."

Compelled by the figure's words, the child peered into its eyes, initially witnessing emptiness. Yet, as he looked further, he beheld a reflection of himself.

"I see it now," the child murmured. "You are me."

"Yes," the figure affirmed. "I am an extension of you. We are intertwined, interconnected, and bound as one."

A gentle smile graced the child's face, the fear dissipating like morning mist. He comprehended that the figure harbored no malevolence.

"I am unafraid of you now," the child proclaimed.

"I am glad," the figure responded warmly. "Together, we can forge a friendship."

And so, the child and the figure embraced camaraderie. They conversed during the nights, and the child's fear became a mere memory.

However, one night, the figure disclosed its imminent departure.

"Why?" the child questioned, his voice laced with sadness.

"The time has come for me to depart," the figure whispered. "Yet, I shall forever remember you, and you shall always remember me."

Embracing the child one final time, the figure vanished into the night.

Although melancholy embraced the child, he found solace in the enduring bond. The figure would forever reside in his memories, and their connection would never wane.

Drifting off to sleep, the child found tranquility. That night, nightmares were but a forgotten relic of the past.

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