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Who Will Win The 2023 NBA Coach of the Year?

2023 NBA

By Paul SmithPublished 2 months ago 7 min read

Who Will Win The 2023 NBA Coach of the Year?

Who will be named NBA Coach of the Year in 2023? The Utah Jazz hired Will Hardy as their new head coach during the NBA offseason of 2022–2023, while the Los Angeles Lakers hired Darvin Ham to take over for Frank Vogel. Mike Brown took over for the Sacramento Kings when Steve Clifford rejoined the Charlotte Hornets. Do any of these fresh NBA head coaches stand a chance of taking home the award in 2023? NBA COTY favorites according to Vegas odds include Taylor Jenkins of the Memphis Grizzlies, Nick Nurse of the Toronto Raptors, Chris Finch of the Minnesota Timberwolves, and Monty Williams of the Phoenix Suns. Vote for the coach who is most likely to win the Coach of the Year award in 2023 to make your NBA COTY predictions.

By Paul Smith


1 Taylor Jenkins

Last season, the Memphis Grizzlies, who finished with the second-best record in the west with a 56-26 record, were the biggest NBA surprise. Despite the team's incredible potential, Jenkins was instrumental in keeping them competitive despite numerous injuries. Jenkins and star guard Ja Morant will undoubtedly receive high acclaim if the Grizzlies are able to make the next move that many believe they are capable of making and establish themselves as title contenders.

Place of birth: Arlington, Texas Memphis Grizzlies is in charge.


2 Jason Kidd

During the 2021–22 season, Jason Kidd succeeded Rick Carlisle as head coach of the Dallas Mavericks. He instituted a defensive-focused strategy for winning basketball games, and it was a complete success. With a 52-30 record at the end of the regular season, the Mavs made it to the Western Conference Finals. In his second season with the squad, Kidd will be able to rely more on his players and challenge them more because they are familiar with his coaching style and game plan. Kidd and the Mavs are entering the season with enormous expectations as a result of Luka Doncic's emergence as a superstar in the NBA; nevertheless, if they can live up to them, anything is possible for this group.

Dallas Mavericks

San Francisco, California, is the birthplace.

The Dallas Mavericks are in charge.


3 Nick Nurse

In the 2021–22 season, Nick Nurse and the Toronto Raptors stunned the league by going 48–34. A squad that many predicted would finish towards the bottom of the league was unexpectedly the 5th seed and appeared to have a chance to advance. Of course, they didn't, but the squad looked to come together behind rookie of the year Scottie Barnes, and it seems like the young man has no limits. Nurse always fostered a defensive focus in his teams, and there is no question that Nurse can earn Coach of the Year if he can make the Raptors' defense one of the best in the league and get them into the top half of the standings.

Carroll, Iowa Birthplace Teams Toronto Raptors, managed


4 Michael Malone

During the 2021–22 season, Michael Malone and the Denver Nuggets had a terrible time. The Nuggets could still count on league MVP Nikola Jokic to lead the team to a 49-33 record even if two of the big three were out for practically the whole season. The Nuggets are aiming to establish themselves as title favorites with a completely healthy roster, and with Malone's offensive and defensive skill set, they may very easily be the greatest team in the league, which would significantly improve Malone's chances for Coach of the Year. Place of birth: New York City, New York Denver Nuggets are managed.


5 Darvin Ham

Coaching the Los Angeles Lakers may be the toughest job in the league for Darvin Ham. The Lakers were perhaps the worst team in the league last season, so Ham faces a significant challenge if he wants to take over as coach. The Lakers will need a miracle to reposition themselves as title favorites because of the animosity between Russel Westbrook and everyone else on the team, the fans' expectations of a championship or bust, Anthony Davis' aging and injury-riddled body, and LeBron James. If they succeed, however, all the praise will fall directly on Ham's lap.

place of birth: Saginaw, Michigan The Los Angeles Lakers are in charge.


6 Monty Williams

Coach of the Year for 2022 was Monty Williams, who led the Phoenix Suns to a league-best 64-18 record. The Suns' season peaked at that point because following that, they were severely humiliated in the playoffs, engaged in a tonne of off-court turmoil, and appeared to lose favor with NBA fans. Williams may win the Coach of the Year award twice if he can maintain the team's status as a title contender, control egos, guide the team out of this troubling period in their history, and make sure his players are prepared for the playoffs.

Virginia Teams are from. Phoenix Suns are managed.



7 Tyronn Lue

Tyronn Lue showed the NBA world last season that he is one of the league's top coaches by leading a team with a roster full of ailments to a 42-40 record. Paul George missed 75% of games due to injury, and Lue had to motivate the team to win games while missing Kawhi Leonard for the entire season. The Los Angeles Clippers are aiming to be title favorites with a potentially healthy team, and if Lue can improve his respectable record to top-of-the-standing levels of awesomeness, he should be a lock for Coach of the Year.

place of birth: Mexico, Missouri Teams Los Angeles Clippers, managed



8 Steve Kerr

Because they have one of the best players in the league and one of the best coaches in the league, the defending NBA champion Golden State Warriors demonstrated that they are still one of the game's most lethal powerhouses when they are healthy. The next phase of Steve Kerr's career will be spent imparting this exquisite offense to the future Warriors players so they can play and succeed in this system. While winning games is the ultimate aim, Kerr may make his case as one of the greatest coaches of all time if he can educate the young players how to take charge. The Warriors appear to get better every year.

birthplace: Lebanon, Beirut

The Golden State Warriors are in charge.


9 Steve Nash

For the Brooklyn Nets, Steve Nash had a terrible regular season, postseason, and offseason. This NBA season is going to be a doozy for the Nets since both of their players, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, have publicly expressed a desire to leave, and Durant wants Nash fired. On paper, the squad should be the favorites to win the championship, but their degree of animosity and outright weirdness prevents them from getting there. Nash will undoubtedly win Coach of the Year if he can successfully reassemble the squad and turn them into the clear favorites they ought to be. though it might require a miracle.

Johannesburg, South Africa, is the birthplace.Teams Brooklyn Nets


10 Chris Finch

You With the addition of three-time Defensive Player of the Year Rudy Golbert to their roster, the Minnesota Timberwolves had arguably the biggest offseason in the entire NBA. The team is looking incredibly dangerous, but head coach Chris Finch will need to make some significant adjustments to get the best out of the big man in addition to Karl Anthony-Towns and Anthony Edwards. All eyes are going to be on Finch and the Timberwolves to make quite a splash, skipping the play-in and becoming a top 6 seed in the west, after a surprising and respectable playoff run with the young talent available.

Place of birth: Cambridge, Ohio's Cambridge Township

Teams Minnesota Timberwolves are overseen.


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