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Turn on the Lights

By BAAFOUR NANA AKOTO NTIPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

Practically in everyone’s life there are times when the lights go off. Everything seems so dim, Blake and unclear.

There is no sense of vision and everything is on hold. No movement is taking place.

But the question is…

Do I want to stay in this darkness?

Do I compromise or look for an alternate light?

Yes, lights may go out in everyone’s life but how you handle it matters a lot.

Situations and things will be tough on you sometimes in life.

Friends and family will reject you and turn their back on you.

Unemployment will set in and finances will go down.

The world will turn its back on you. Yes, the lights of this life will turn dim at you.

You can’t think right on what to do and not to do.

But you need to look through yourself and say I am the light myself

I won’t give in just like that

I am not a quitter

I am a fighter and a loser

What is it that I have in me that keeps me going

Yes, the Light in me. The Joy of the Lord in me.

The Peace of having a relationship with the Source of Light.

Trust Him and connect to His light. He will surely give light on our path and make things clearer and plain.

Believe in yourself that the situation you find yourself in is but temporal and cannot define who you are and what you are created for.

Understand that the situation is meant to make you stronger than before.

Know that you are a carrier of greatness and solutions to this world. Your end is glorious so you cannot continue to be in that light out.

Tell yourself my light must shine. The world must hear of me and my light must be seen.

In your endeavors to turn your lights on, there will be obstacles that may come your way but know that you can do all things through the Power of Christ in you.

Every obstacle is an opportunity to greatness so make the best out of them.

In your quest to deal with the lights out of life make sure you handle each situation well that when your eyes are closed to the world each day you rest in peace because you carry light.

So that when your eyes are closed to life itself and your soul leaves your body, you can tell yourself “my light has already shine forth ahead of me in this light out of eternity”

When the lights go out

Turn on the light

When the lights of this life goes out

Turn on the Light in you

Connect to the main source of light and you will always have power to Light

When the lights go out say I am the Lights…

Everything will shine.

Stand on your mountain top and declare I am a light that shines through darkness.

Difficult times will come yes they will but I will not be limited by them.

Though strong wings and tidings will lift up their voice and terror but My light will speak to my heart

Peace be still. Stay calm and shine.

There is a light in you that needs to come out of you. Let it out. Do not shut it inside you.

Push out every good thing in you. The world need it. Yes you carry solutions to may problems that are unsolved in this world.

You need is your light. You don't need to look down on yourself.

There is some level of goodness in you. There is a level of Light in you

Turn on the Lights...

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I'm Baafour Nana Akoto Nti a multi-gifted individual with a passion for uplifting others through various mediums with my role as a writer, preacher, songwriter, motivational speaker and music minister that inspire and motivate people. Peace

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