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FIght your way through

By Isabella BanksPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

i do not watch how good you are not telling how talented you are i do not watch how important you work on yourself there are some moments when goods are not going to go right there are moments when anything that can be will be life happens .

The unanticipated the uncalled for the unintentional we have been bloodied emotionally bloodied spiritually it may be your business it may be your heart that is broken moment it may be the number in your bank account that's screaming you are busted.

You can break up physically you can break up mentally you can break up your heart you can break up your spirit and all of those are gon na leave a mark but the mark that they leave can be the mark of palm or it can be the mark of defeat.

it's staying with the breaking that produces the blessing that isn't what you go through that determines where you end up it's who you hear to because i suppose right now you are walking through a hollow between two votes one is wisdom one is solicitude one is thankfulness one is growling one is fault one is faith.

Because every time you break up it in every expressway that you break up wow it's a luck for you to give up and for you to fall incremental but there is also occasion to get stronger and get smarter and get precipitously and get tougher and get more stable and get further adjustable and get better.

What i need you to do is i need you to detect a argument to keep going and if you can detect a argument to keep going i see you're strong enough to do it because you're mortal and every human has what it takes to get formerly whatever they are going through if they decide to shove through it shove through it. tragedy and trials come to everybody only the strong survive the fray is not over the fray is precisely beginning you have the occasion to show off the world what you're actually made of

I need you to look at that illness that's going on in your life right now whatever it's i want you to enunciate i can not beat it i can beat it i'll beat it i must i got a blood to reside for i ain't throughout yet my life ain't through yet there's some goods in life you don't need no place for you

Do not need no plutocrat for it you do not need no brace for it there's reality like you precisely gon na get through when you tell yourself i am gon na get through, this appreciation to what happens to your life anyway of the adversity anyway of the opposition anyway of the trial and misery nobody can stop you the only thing that can stop you is you

No situation no circumstance no number of adversity can outline your life noway allow the circumstance outline and i am not retreating i am not running i do not watch what they enunciate on paper i don't watch if you enunciate we outnumbered we reside by this and we go by this we don't retreat we do not run we gon na sit we gon na reside.

we gon na go by what we sit for and everybody gon na see what we represent and what we are portion of i got staying authority i got staying authority be encouraged moment that noway matter what you walk through no matter how broken up your conjugality is

No way matter how numerous moments you fail there's within you a spirit that's lesser than whatever is going on around you if you would be glad to clash your expressway through this battle clash your expressway through cancer clash your expressway through that intellectual struggle. clash your expressway through divorce clash your expressway through it if you are glad to clash your expressway through that singing career clash your expressway through boxing clash your expressway through football i'm telling you at the end of the fray it's going to come win and as you worm up and out of that dismal and wretched position as you rise above what you were in the very act of fighting on you will come and you'll remain unbroken.



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