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What's YOUR "Visionary IX" Rating...Hmm?

Disruption will come to "small talk" at innovation meet-ups all over, now. By Marshall Barnes

By Marshall BarnesPublished 2 years ago 27 min read
It's not just size that matters anymore. Now, it's how many you've done ...

I started getting involved in the "innovation" movement around 2012, stemming from my intention of doing creativity training for businesses. I had several years experience teaching teen-agers in the '80s on how to be creative with my own program as a means to provide an alternative for them doing drugs. That was the era of "Just Say No" and "This Is Your Brain On Drugs"...

In that vein I got involved up to the national level, where I made contacts and got some recognition for my work .

A certificate of appreciation for my involvement in the White House Conference for a Drug Free America, 1988

There was actual science behind what I was doing, much of it linked to research done by Aldous Huxley and his idea of the Mind at Large, as well as various leading edge psychologists.

I had been aware that certain experiences and outside stimuli could give me certain creative insights, as it were, as far back as when I was 12, and I pursued those things and studied what they were to determine why they were having the effect they were. Eventually, I got it down to a science so by the '80s I was an expert and was interested in the human potential movement but lacked the opportunity to get directly involved. I did have a number of meaningful conversations with people at Omni magazine, primarily Judith Hooper coaching me and on several occasions, Dick Teresi. I met Stephen LeBerge at an Omni event and learned first hand how various people could handle such experiences as lucid dreaming in radically different ways and purposes.

So when I decided to look into business applications, as far as the knowledge I had acquired and utilized, I found no shortage of "experts" claiming to be able to teach anyone to be creative and then as the various buzz phrases were introduced, "innovative" and yes, "disruptive".

I was finding that many of these were actually just motivational speakers, willing to speak on anything for a buck, and all these many motivational speakers were doing was talks on creativity as a way to increase their subject range, not because they were particularly creative themselves. In stark, direct contrast, I was already highly creative since I was a child with a huge imagination, but at 10 I wanted to start writing my own songs and become a rock musician. So, aside from doing drugs (which was out of the question) I was eventually looking for everything I could learn about what made my favorite rock stars creative. I would learn my most important lessons from David Bowie and later, Bono, but my earliest and most powerful lessons I learned from Todd Rundgren. In short, I actually learned from what other people said about him and their interpretations of what he was doing, especially in the wake of his album, A Wizard/ A True Star, the most powerful and insightful rock record ever made, which years later I discovered contained a secret prophecy and even alien time travel clues - which were unbeknownst to even Todd himself!

I would then see if I could recognize what the reviewers were seeing and delve deeper. I learned abstract thought from Todd and his approach to thinking about the production of music and other things. And most importantly, I took all of these insights very, very seriously. Almost as holy writ. Far more seriously than he did himself, I would learn decades later, much to my chagrin, when I started to out do some of his innovations and insights.

While Todd may have indulged in psychedelics to get some of his obtuse creativity (like adding a toilet flush to Everybody's Going To Heaven/King Kong Reggae), I never did - at first because mommy and daddy told me not to when I was a child, and later because of fears of bad reactions, bent chromosomes, etc. However, as an adult I saw the benefit of being able to claim that my creativity was drug free because it didn't look like it, producing visual imagery as far out and spacey as what Todd had been doing with sound. The visuals in my videos got me one too many offers of free drugs at the local mall, and I saw the opportunity to use that as a message that drugs weren't necessary. That was 1986. Much later it became a hint of superiority when others of baby-boom age and younger would fail to reconcile how I could go through the '70s and '80s without even trying pot. In some New Age quarters, it was surmised that I am a walk-in from another planet, even perhaps with a mission to change the world.

The most famous still image from P.J.A., the music video that got me involved with the drug-free movement. Copyright 1986

In 1977 my creative acumen came to the awareness of educational, higher up, muckety, mucks on the state level, while I was still in high school. As a result, none other than David Rockefeller, Jr. of THE Rockefeller family, who had a book out and an agenda promoting the arts in schools and as a product of the early Arts Impact program, I had enough cred for David Jr. to write me 2 letters to get me to show up at his conference as an example of what the arts in school could do for a child's inspirational stimulation.

One of the signed letters from David Rockefeller Jr. requesting my presence at his big arts and education event.

Decades later, I got a proclamation from the State of Ohio for proving that J.R. Oppenheimer was correct in thinking that children playing in the street could see solutions to advanced problems in physics due to the fact that they had "modes of sensory perception that he lost longs ago". His mention of "sensory perception" took me straight back to my drug free creativity work and before then, a Circus magazine description of Todd's Aldous Huxley "Heaven and Hell" stimulus as a space rock stage visuals.

Recently, I was on a so-called, "disruption" site and so I posted a question as to how many people had faced down a situation where they had to disrupt or be crushed. I waited two weeks and got no responses. I then posted that I still hadn't heard from anyone and it kind of was what I expected. A lot of this talk out there about disrupting 'this' and 'that' is just that - talk and it's driven by people who want to make money talking about it. Not everyone now, but enough that I've had it. It's time for the "disruptors" to get disrupted.

I was asked by a moderator to perhaps give some words of "advice" to people at various stages of their so-called "disruption career". O-key, doe-key.

It's quite simple. If you're "all that", as the urban kids on the street say, what's your rating? What are your numbers that show what you've done with what you know and where you really had it popping, when you did. That's all. Let's stop the BS where people lay claim to how many Fortune 500 companies they've essentially bored to death or scammed about what they know and let's talk about when the rubber met the road and you had a large company deciding they were going to steal your market share, kick you in the nuts and laugh about it. Never had it happen? Then you don't know squat. Never had a firm try to steal your clients? Then you're a wannabe. You're no better than those guys that go out and pretend to be Navy SEALs with Medals of Valor when the most action they've ever had was when they were caught in a bar bragging about how many KIA they got in country and a real SEAL kicked their ass.

So, for those types out there, it ends NOW. Because the bottom line is that I've read most of your material and none of you knows or understands where creativity comes from or what to do with it and when you make statements like, "The problem is most people have been told that they aren't creative..." and then you don't say in the next sentence where it comes from, I know it's because you don't know. You just understand that you shouldn't tell people that they aren't.

So, here its goes. My Visionary IX rating is 59/111 as it stands, and here's the 59 after which is the 111. These are not in chronological order.

Me at a typical, entrepreneurial haunt.

1. 1971 Music composition, 2. 1978 Multi-instrumentalist and producer, 3. 1979 Music arranging, 4. 1978 Created oscilloscope art with electric guitar, 5. 1985. Inventor of music technologies for guitar. 6. 1979. Inventor and developer of technology for keyboard

1979. Flanked by Hoss Whalen and Duane Hall and a drummer, keyboardist, and Jim Fuller as my own M. Frog, that you can't see.

7. 1985. Inventor /designer of video technologies, 8. 1979. Video SPX designer, 9. 1983. Video editor, 10. 1983. Rock video director/cameraman/editor, 11. 1983. Rock video concept course instructor OSU Creative activities Program,

I ran this control room like Rundgren did Secret Sound studio in the '70s. Secret Sound is where A Wizard/A True Star was born. This is where Seeing the Breykiot was born in the '90s. "I swear something lies in your ears and your eyes..."

12. 1976. Poetry and presentation. 13. 1983. Weapons system designer, 14. 1979. Music production techniques, 15. 1980. Advertising, 16. 1983. Marketing, 17. 1994. Newspaper publishing, 18. 1976. Chapbook publishing, 19. 1995. Law enforcement tactics, 20. 1995. Counter-surveillance, 21. 1979. Psy-ops, 22. 1982. Information warfare 23. 1996. Counter-terrorism 24. 1992 Theoretical physics, 25. 1992. Temporal mechanics, 26. 1991. Quantum mechanics, 27. 2004 STEM 28. 1992. Geometry 29. 1992. Conceptual theoretics 30. 2000. Aerospace 31. 2006. Technocogninetics 32. 2000. Technological behavior modification 33. 2000. Sight and Sound research 34. 2000. Optics 35. 2001. Acoustics 36. 1997. Non-lethal weapons 37. 1990. Political Science 38. 1994. Counter Espionage, 39. 1979 Television Program Production 40. 2007. Art, 41. 2008 Art technology, 42. 2007 Military observable reduction, 43. 2008. Warfighter survivability enhancement, 44. Weather control, 45. 2003 Asymmetrical War 46. 1982 Anti-submarine warfare, 47. 1983 Unmanned anti-infantry warfare, 48. 1995 Surveillance, 49. 2011 Drone/Anti Drone warfare, 50. 2011 Exotic propulsion systems, 51. 2008. ParaElectronic warfare, 52. 1990 Anti-helicopter combat, 53. 2013 Space warfare, 54. 1976 Live Event Production, 55. 1992 Reality TV, 56. 1986 Studio/laboratory design, 57. 1980 Music video long form production, 58. 1988. Documentary films, 59. 1992 Documentary audios

Now the "breakthrough/discovery" numbers:

Yes, that's me. You read it right.

1. 2002. Invented hyper music, which is so dynamic it seems alive,

2. 1986 I invented DEMI sampling using the Casio SK-1 to create live, real time, multi-track keyboard sound sources,

Official DEMI Sampling graphics I designed, like all the graphics I use.

3. 1999. I built my first lab for pure research into optics, EM fields, consciousness and the practical applications from the extreme implications of quantum theory where many things were built or discovered.

4. 1999. Like this Vortex TV that could pick-up airport control towers, telephone calls, and police helicopter traffic. That's the better part of 75 ft. of bare braided copper antenna wire wrapped around that double bow-tie, there.

The TV is on. The screen is showing an empty channel through an electronic Twilight Zone.

5. 2001. Picked-up TV Station 22, many miles beyond broadcast range through an induced EM portal like those that exist between the Sun and Earth as discovered by NASA.

6. 1985. Invented EDPREPS S.P.A.C.E. guitar system, designed to endow a single guitarist the ability to sound like more than one electronic instrument variably, live in real time. Resulted in the demo solo album, Zero Blue Cosmic Noise, with only one "band song", with just live bass, drums and every other sound being me on the guitar with the EDPREPS, jamming like Todd and synthesist M. Frog LaBat all at once. Proof of concept. The man who inspired me to build it does the intro - Powell Probe inventor and keyboardist, Roger Powell.

Above: Cover art for EDPREPS demo album. Below, live performance with drums and bass, sound only. Turn it up LOUD!

Double proof of concept - Todd 2000, in an, "I never would've guessed" power trio line-up, doing his space rock tune Ikon, years later - without the normal synthesizer support. Todd could've really used my EDPREPS then!

7. 1983. Breakthrough with broadcast use of single tube industrial video cameras, proof of concept debut on PM Magazine 1984, on my OSU music video class,

8. 1990. Inventor of psychoactive music videos which are videos that will get you HIGH! (Don't do Drugs - DO VIDEO!).

9. 1986. Discovered how to make video look shot with film,

10. 2003. Inventor of psychoactive music, music that will get you high,

11. 2007. Discoverer of the dimensionality of sight and sound,

12. 2016. Inventor of the "point man" safer police assault system ("point man" has non-lethal munitions and is free to fire with overwhelming force without fear of lethality).

13. 1996. Developer of non-lethality with soft-kill option weapons. A public demo took out a P.A. at a protest rally. Another brought down a helicopter, proving avionics susceptibility.

14. 2000. Created the first functioning warp drive prototype - STDTS,

STDTS logo and documentary title graphics

Below: Each run is 13 seconds from a pre-designated position at 25 mph after hitting a speed bump at full speed. First run, STDTS is off. Second run, it's on but the distance covered exceeds the pre-designated position, marked with a black tape on the screen, proving the increased velocity was from warped space.

15. 2013. I got recognized for my research efforts and the eventual plan to take STDTS into space, by speaking at major space conferences and being published in proceedings.

16. 2020. Designed the Anti-Chinese super solider system,

17. 2019. Invented potential anti-Iranian wormhole missile system to defeat Mohammed Mansouryar's missile idea,

18. 2021. Designed anti-Russian Status 6 system,

19. 2008. Invented the weaponized "light and sound" battle space environment,

20. 2006 Invented "technocogninetic science" with the encouragement of Dr. Itiel Dror of the University of Southampton,

21. 2004. Designed teleportation warfare from Air Force 2004 Teleportation Research Study,

22. 2008. Invented 6 string stereo box for electric or micro-phoned guitar,

23. 2007. Invented "rebate advertising" where the invoice is paid back the next fiscal year as a method to raise money in the short term,

24. 2010. Worked on the development of technocogninetic solutions for long manned space flights, presenting 2 lecture presentations on it for the Mars Society International conferences and was covered by the Pasadena news.

Graphic from the 2010 Mars Society Conference where I presented my first talk on technocogninetics in space.

25. 2000. Invented the Disc Desk Set with Full Theater used by the late British bassist for UFO, Pete Way, in his music video, Crazy and Ben Porter's, Lost in Time. It will get you higher than the Gysin Dream Machine and you use it with your eyes open, staring at a rotating reflective image of your choice spinning in a vortex of flashing light.

Pete Way..."Marshall, I'm getting HIGH!"

And then there's the Dream Machine...Any questions?

26. 2020. Invented Non Digitech Non Fungible Tokens - ND NFT. NFTs that don't need block chain.

ND NFT format

27. 2000 - 2011, Conducted successful anti-hurricane and tornado experiment operations

28. 2016 Validated Rainer Plaga's 1995 concept of "Talking to a Universe Next door",

29. 2018. Proved Hugh Everett's Relative State Interpretation of quantum mechanics,

30. 2020. Proved a quantum mechanical basis for time travel to the past,

31. 2015. Caught more mistakes that Stephen Hawking made than anyone else when he was alive.

32. 2015. Proved Stephen Hawking's Mad Scientist Paradox was flawed 2 ways,

Me lecturing on the Mad Scientist Paradox for a special program at Harvard, 2014

33. 2014. Was invited to lecture for a special community outreach class sponsored by Harvard on time travel physics.

34. 2015. I Wrote the first ever critical review book on Stephen Hawking's work.

Book cover for Space Warps and Time Tunnels.

Oh yes. There was a promo for it..

35. 2012. Proved J. Robert Oppenheimer correct on the abilities of school kids to see things professors can't due to better modes of "sensory perception".

36. 2006. Started the award winning first STEM program for advanced concept science and technology, SuperScience for High School Physics

Making presentation at STEM education event

37. 2010. A number of my discoveries went live and caused a sensation at the first ever USA Science and Engineering Festival in Washington DC.

Graphics for SuperScience for High School Physics at the first USA Science and Engineering Festival.

38. 1980. Created the first, solo rock video album by a musician, The Last Communication

Part of Video magazine article on me, the 2nd piece of national press I ever got.

39. In 1983 - '85 the first to create digital effect simulated rotoscoping like in Star Wars without using a computer,

The first ever energy sword of real light and a digital laser bolt below.

40. 1990. Helped create the video campaign that brought Tom Erney closer to beating Chalmers Wiley in Congress than any other Democrat in history,

41. 2004. Ran a psy-op online campaign that helped beat John Kerry.

42. 2009. Proved that high school physics students could see Kip Thorne's idea for using wormholes for time machines wouldn't work.

43. 1982. My psy-op stopped an "Anti-Christ" movement's grasp for international attention.

44. 1998. Took on and beat the US Navy disinformation cover-up on The Unexplained,

45. 1998. First investigator ever to expose a deliberate military cover-up of Area 51 through specific lies on the record, by an acting military officer.

46. 1998. Through stings and a psy-op, got A&E's, The Unexplained, by Towers Productions, cancelled

47. 1994. Conducted successful experiments in optical invisibility, the largest being with a full scale replica of the Santa Maria which made international news and was a long standing exhibit, until the visitors center closed down.

One of the initial iconic photos of the Santa Maria looking invisible. Copyright 1994.

48. 1994. With smaller studies, the idea of "visual density reduction" became the description for the type of invisibility I was working with.

49. 2003. Contributed self-developed classified intelligence, targeting Saddam Hussein specific special operations during Iraq War,

50. 1991. Created the first and still only psychoactive rock video album, Seeing the Breykiot

Part of a Post magazine article on Seeing the Breykiot
Scene from Crashing the Breykiot: An American Video Diary

51. 2013. First ever special report to members of Congress on time travel,

Cover of Paradox Lost: The True Geometries of Time Travel

and its book promo...

52. 2020. First ever double blind peer-review paper (Global Journals Science Frontiers Interdisciplinary) on the quantum mechanical basis for time travel to the past,

The disruption of relativity theory from time travel science.

53. 2009. Was top scientist for National Lab Day 2 years in a row in the country,

Above: The National Lab Day 2009 "Leaderboard". Below a 2010 performance promo.

54. 1986. Produced breakthrough anti-drug/pro-drug free creativity films

Capitalizing on the "Just Say 'No'" movement

55. 1984. Was selected at 23 to be a weapons system consultant for Arm Tec based on the weapons designed in an original sci-fi treatment,

56. 2020. My expertise in exotic warfare and weapons has gotten media recognition,

57. 1990. Produced the 1st multimedia psychedelic rock concert of the 90s, The Exploding Optic Incredible, 1990.

58. 2011. Invented the P.TVsyth, Programable Television Synthesizer

Official logo for the P.TVsynth, designed and created by me which is for the P.TVsynth designed and created by me.

59. 2010. Created a wall of reflective light so intense, for moments the entire room, and most of me, disappeared. Based on Tesla's never accomplished Wall of Light idea.

Wall of Light makes room completely disappear and nearly me as well. New Year's Eve 2010.

60. 2004. Invented HyperSpeks Art Glasses. They enhance practically any color art and makes it "alive" according to the artists themselves.

Art Glasses DO NOT use red and blue lenses. They just look that way...

Partying with my favorite artist, who inspired me to get into art as a serious business, Mac Worthington.

61. 2012. Proving Stephen Hawking's Mad Scientist Paradox wrong with a solid body electric guitar. The first time Hawking had ever been proved wrong with an experiment.

Pictures above from the promo video, below from the events at Worthington High School

62. 2003. Invented the "Spatial K" geometric line configuration,

63. Discovered the geometric for the "Super Cube",

The 4 line configurations are made from the copyrighted Spatial K. The figure on the right that they form is a Super Cube, also copyrighted.

64. 2006. I discovered that the Necker cube used by my mentor, Fred Alan Wolf to depict qwiffs was actually shifting by 90 degrees, adding another aspect from the natural geometry to the quantum world. Quantum shifts are by 90 degrees. Most think the cube shift is 180 degrees. They're wrong.

Physicist/Popular Author, Fred Alan Wolf holding a card with a Necker cube on it.

65. 2003. Started mind transfer machine interfacing research,

66. 1999. My investigation predicted the death of Philip Taylor Kramer when remote viewers swore he was alive,

67. 2013. Discovered the relationship between temporal physics and quantum mechanics, in particular as it plays a role in the Relative State interpretation.

68. 2016. Showed how the standard interpretation of retrocausality is wrong,

69. 1984. Kicked the 1st version of SOS Productions out of the local music video production market with my own Advanced Entertainment Technologies in 1984,

Actual business card from AET

70. 2019. Became a top commentator on

71. 2003. Invented multidimensional hyper processing for live performance music sound,

72. 2008. Invented the View Too Real camera. Makes images look "right there", hi-def or not.

73. 2013. Designed space probe for testing physical effects of STDTS prototype warp drive.

Illustration for use of space probe with smart dummy to test effects of near FTL space flights using STDTS tech.

74. 2012. After turning down my offer to join my research team since his own efforts were going nowhere (not knowing he was faking it), I launched an official race against Ronald Mallett, to see who could win the race to build the first time machine on a particle level. By November I had him beat, with his still not making any progress. Now, that was just the "friendly" competition. War would come later.

75. 2012. In a major PR achievement, I made the cut to become one of Scientific American's 1000, Scientists in 1000 Days, the prestigious science magazine's own STEM program.

76. 2013. Launched a tour on the coming breakthroughs in time travel that have now started to come true.

77. 2004. Invented 3D holographic glasses that gave depth to images on screen but without color distortion, plus rainbow hologram effects.

78. 2017. Invented the experimental QUEB (Quantum Universe Experimmental Bilocation for mobile, temporal reality research,

79. 2010. Proved David Eagleman's duration dilation, as an elongated memory, was wrong in multiple high school physics classrooms.

80. 2008. Created duration dilation tech and training programming for the warfighter,

81. 1988. Produced a live synchronization between a live band and their prior video performance, with no side tracking - 2 decades before Elvis' TCB did it posthumously for ELVIS LIVE!

82. 2012. Invented the first time machine on a particle level, the Verdrehung Fan makes its debut in a rock video I produced and directed for Ben Porter, Lost In Time. And here's a promo -

83. 2017. Took on Hollywood over time travel inaccuracies in film and TV. After challenging them both to debates at Comic Con which they rescinded, I caught producer Shawn Ryan lying and exposed actor Malcomb Barrett (both of NBC's Timeless) over the issue of time travel science and predicted that the show would be canceled and it was - after several attempts by rabid fans called, "clock blockers" using hook or crook, failed. I still hate Malcomb to this day for lying about me to them, but then again, he's a 2 bit actor that was on a dying time travel TV series that I predicted would - despite all the efforts of the producers and fans, BE CANCELED, and I'm, well, MARSHALL BARNES!

84. 2017. Launched the idea for doing an attempt at a time travel reality show, The Zeitnauts, inspired by the failure of Timeless and mocked the Timeless producers over it. Plans in the works.

An official promo mocking Timeless with the announcement of The Zeitnauts reality show idea. Stand-by...

85. 2018. What that means is I can sell a studio on a TV entertainment property because I've PROVED that I know audiences in that genre more than typical producers like Shawn Ryan and yes, even Spike Lee!

86. 2019. Based on those victories I launched a campaign right out of the Silicon Valley Comic Con, called the New, True Science of Time Travel, to a near standing room only crowd and blew them away with the new knowledge and research.

Launching the time travel revolution against the establishment in entertainment and science, took hold in Silicon Valley

87. 2018. Invented a new, successfully designed approach to security solutions for equally new fintech for financial asset transfer by Chainosys.

88. 2013. Scored like someone from the year 2040 on the CEO Time Machine test by PwC and used it for promotion for an upcoming documentary, at that time, The Dawning of the Age of Time Machines. Proof yet again, I'm ahead of everyone else in many surprising ways...

89. 1994. Started a free conspiracy publication that was a 1 time special issue and the readers and advertisers insisted that it continue. And it did for 14 years but I could revive and relaunch nationwide at will now, using my concept of national, local distribution. It convinced the shut down of a much hated trash burning power plant, stopped the spread of the neo-Nazi National Alliance in the area at that time, and scared the governor into holding the inauguration inside for the first time since the Civil War!

90. 1976. For a decade or more, was the youngest significant reading and published poet in Ohio.

91. 1995. Invented audio wire patrol policing (now 'body cam'),

92. 1998 Inventor of Multi-phase non-lethal with soft kill option assault rifles,

93. 2021. After innovation hype promoter, Braden Kelly, used the idea of a time travel start-up as click bait for an article on an equally dubious innovation gimmick, I actually already had such a start-up and have now used a quote from Kelly to indicate how cutting edge and trending it is, making the joke on him. With it I'm doing what Elon Musk isn't doing - making a serious effort to address his fear of the future.

94. 2017. Speaking of Musk, I proved his, "the odds are that we're in base reality is one in billions" WRONG. It ignores causality, relying on a future without basis, in order for us to exist. A Participatory Universe Does Not Equal a Simulated One and Why We Live in the Formerstands as a key argument against simulation theory in general and validates the alleged rumor that 2 Silicon Valley billionaires are trying to fund research on how to escape the simulation, though they should be funding efforts like mine, to escape to the past, which is real.

95. 2011. Proved time is real with the first physical experiment to do that at Grandview Heights Sr. High School with SuperScience for High School Physics program.

96. 2018. Invented technological and tactical solutions for wild fire problems out west in California and have found that their biggest problem is where their heads are, which prevents any viable contact to address them. Not even Caitlyn Jenner's office for Governor is reachable. My state has no such problems, so screw 'em. Let 'em burn if they're gonna be so stupid...

97. 2008. I did the research which killed a major street car project in a city where the administration was hiding that the reason for their unpopular convoluted project, was so they could promote the downtown to visitors and deliver an alternative to riding the bus to get around. I appeared on a live radio after the spokeswoman for city hall schlepped her spiel and said, "You have lots of questions about this project that aren't getting answered. I have the answers for you now." The next city council meeting was packed with angry citizens as the Mayor made an unscheduled appearance. "The street car project will be on hold until a later date." One that still hasn't come, mind you.

98. 2011. I force J.J. Abrams, creator of the FOX show, FRINGE to deal with the fact his show somehow has been using portions of my life in it without my permission - over 30 incidents but I retaliate, telling the true story behind what's going on (although how it's possible remains inexplicable to this day) and launching a Twitter campaign that we'd be launching our on web show and taking all my stuff back. The FRINGE account then friends us on MySpace and the op becomes the precursor for dealing with Timeless. Effects produced with my P.TVsynth.

99. 2020. I disrupted the lack of information addressing immune health in minority communities in relation to COVID 19 infections with my paper, The Importance of Immune System Health In African American and Latino Populations Facing COVID-19

100. 1998. Rouge Naval intelligence officer, Eldon A, Byrd targets me for an op at a conference but falls for my counter intel trap, including my wearing a wire that captures and proves my point.

101. 2010. Enraged over BP's refusal to let actor James Olmos and volunteers, to help clean-up marshlands, I called offices in Louisiana with a suggestion to vacuum oil from water. with wet vacs Unlike, CA, my suggestion was thanked and later used by Gov. Jindal in stark contrast to what anyone in CA. has done, which is why I'm less than sympathetic toward them. Jindal showed true leadership, the kind in desperate need on the left coast.

102. 2020. After seeing my country being deliberately torn apart, I was going to be damned if I didn't do something and that something was to join the academic effort to take down Scott Atlas, if not with a munition, a paper with terminating punch against supporting multiple targets (I always liked the MIRV concept). I made sure he knew it was coming and the day after The Truth Concerning Stanford's Condemnation of Dr. Scott Atlas launched, he resigned, disrupted...

103. 2019. In an act of major disruption, I seized Ronald Mallett's expired patent design and converted it into a trade secret modification, proving that if he knew what I know, he could've modified his design to achieve what I have - a true, time travel related breakthrough instead of a fraud and a scam.

104. 2013. City of Grandview Heights recognizes me for inventing STDTS(TM) warp drive technology there.

105. 2020. The headlines were splashed all across the world. Time Travel Proven Impossible. Why time travel will remain a sci-fi fantasy: Scientists prove nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. I came out with the results of my research, not only proving the conclusions of the study wrong but the Hong Kong University's PR department was behind it. A major hit against an international academic institution trying to be known for innovation. Not so fast!

106. 2012. Stephen Hawking admits he was wrong about the Higgs Boson, simultaneously making me the only person in the world that stood up and said he would be wrong via an international press release when he announced this publicly in 2008, not the 2000 bet that he admitted to with Gordon Kane.

107. 2012. My efforts to use my STEM work background to influence the debates within the education community were rewarded when the George Lucas Foundation's Edutopia made a member for the week, a completely unexpected honor but a nod to my efforts.

108. 2014. In a stunning display of disruption, I refuse an open source request from "multiple companies" for help with "mood enhancing technology", citing that it's already a field I'm in and I'll compete with any company trying to move in.

109. 2014. Selected to participate in multiple events of the IX Innovation Cities Tour and did so at the IBM Innovation Center in Cambridge, MA, for my demonstrated skills in competitive creativity. Specifically for beating SOS (I called them OSO but don't care anymore) after high school and Ronald Mallett in the race to build the first particle time machine.

From the Rebellion to Alexander the Great, my presentation on competitive creativity for the 2014 IX Cities Tour.

110. Now. As an extra bonus I have all but totally disrupted and destroyed the Space-Time Twisting by Light Project and Ronald Mallett's time machine efforts on the science, the physics, the business, the PR, the strategy, the tactics and because Mallett betrayed me, dared me, and pissed me the f#@% off, I'm demanding that the UConn Foundation shut down their fund they have for him to get donations OR ELSE! Or else "what"? My own father said "All they'll do is circle the wagons around Mallett. That's what institutions do."

"Then I'll set them on FIRE!", I flung back in angry defiance.

UConn Foundation's reputation gets disrupted and destroyed and dragged through the same mud where I'll show Ronald Mallett's reputation the exact tender mercies that Achilles showed Hector at the gates of Troy! WATCH! Well, you won't have to. I've since received an email from Rachel Marshall, Director of Development, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the Uconn Foundation stating that the fund has been closed and isn't accepting donations for Mallett anymore! Now that's what I call DISRUPTION, BABY! I bet old Steve Jobs wished he could've done as much damage to Samsung!

That's 111!

In any case, this is but one example of how a person can assess what they've learned and accomplished so far and arrange it into an order of battle to distinguish themselves from their competition and show how much they really know that matters. They are ways that you can breakout out sections for specific weaponization against certain competitive targets, like I plan on doing against Procter and Gamble's innovation marketing, as I prove that I'm the man they'll learn to fear - but that's another story.

Somewhere I have a list that has a 39/87 rating or something like that but for this article I took it up at 47/97 but then remembered these current numbers, because I'm always working, which puts me at undoubtedly the most innovative man on Earth. When you get to numbers this high, who's counting, right? Unless you get some poser who's trying to beat you, then you know - Play THIS GAME!

And so, during my humble existence I've taken on and disrupted business competitors, scientific rivals, enemy agents, TV shows and pretentious producers, jack ass Hollywood actors, foreign academia, domestic academia, publishing, production, sight and sound, space and time, the status quo, the state of the art, the entrenched establishments that just had to go before it was too late and yes, at times even Mother Nature herself...

But to close, just so you know that I'm nothing that special (OK, that's a LIE...) I want you to know of someone else with an exceptionally high rating that I would've admired if I was aware of him during our time. William Zinn, whose son describes him in this article for NPR. Easily, he exceeded the average Visionary IX rating for someone which I guess is at 5 and 5 and my guess on Zinn is easily 15 and 25 and probably more. You must read it to get a proper perspective on what you can achieve without having the benefits of an eclectic background like mine, the extraordinary technological period of time or the inspiration from a Todd Rundgren to get you started.


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