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Time Travel Science Gains Momentum with Global Journals Peer-Reviewed Publication

First ever paper on quantum path to time travel, based on invention and experiments, is released...

By Marshall BarnesPublished 2 years ago 6 min read
"When brilliant minds meet visionary organizations..."

Global Journal of Science Frontier Research Interdiciplinary has published the first peer-reviewed paper showing a path toward quantum based time travel via documented research and experiments as predicted by Neil Turok of Canada's Perimeter Institute."Souping-Up" Aharonov's Quantum Measurement Engine with a Plaga/Everett Apparatusat Global Journal of Science Frontier Research Interdiciplinary.

Unlike click bait stories that are usually promoted about scientists who have allegedly made a time machine or made some breakthrough, only for it to be revealed that it some impossible feature must be acquired or applied in order for it to truly work, in this paper only the very last step is missing and it isn't impossible to figure out.

The man behind the paper is R&D engineer and conceptual theorist, Marshall Barnes, - ME! That's something for several reasons. First I normally don't publish in journals because the wait is too long and I come from a rock music background and when you cut a record you want it out as soon as possible and with pre-print services that means I can get a paper out so the whole world can see it in minutes. Waiting months, is not cool and the only thing is the status that comes with it because on the emphasis that people put on the peer-review process. It's gives a paper a sense of gravitas despite the fact that it in no way guarantees that it is correct. But the psychological effect is so strong to do so that many don't feel fulfilled until they get in a journal, that is until you're attacked by some crank that doesn't think the journal you're in is "good enough" and that's when you realize that science hasn't gone far beyond the school yard and you still have to know how to deck a bully with your fist every once and a while. Figuratively speaking of course.

My experience with Global Journals was fine and I'm really impressed with the way it came out. What I knew I had to do is juggle two circumstances. The first, that journals don't want to publish anything that has already been released, so I had to come up with something new. Second, my solution was risky - advocating a quantum based time travel solution. This is where both concepts met - I had never published a full out solution before but by basing it on the fact that the individual components weren't mine and had already been published separately, and the conclusion matched a prediction by Neil Turok of the Perimeter Institute, I knew I was on solid ground. Using German astrophysicist, Rainer Plaga, Israeli American Yakir Aharonov - who won a 2009 National Science Medal Award, and the late American physicist John Archibald Wheeler, as key contributors independent of actual work on the paper, my approach was solid.

Plus the fact that most of it had already been experimentally proven and filmed to boot, I was hoping that that would do the trick and it did. I got approved and so now the new reality for the potential of time travel is on the record as a double blind, peer-reviewed concept.

Me, in one of the lab spaces, running a laser

Essentially, while searching for a solution to implied time paradox's inherent in Wheeler's idea of retrocausality, I resolved them by invoking the many-worlds interpretation which makes any changes in the past of the particle happen in a new, parallel universe copy of the present. Only the final part of the result is observed, matching predictions by Wheeler of an overall universal structure he called the Participatory Universe, capable of responding to our "interrogations".

Anomalous laser hits are detected without any laser activity at all to produce them - because the present where the hits are seen has decohered from the timeline of origination as seen below.

Photo on the bottom shows anomalous hit with no laser activity to cause it.

What's interesting is that this paper presents the whole package - how true retrocausality works, that it's connected to parallel universes which affirms the idea parallel universes are the solution to making time travel work. I say "true retrocausality" because there are some examples where the focus is not on the temporal aspect and physicists get distracted by other aspects of the quantum reality and don't maintain their focus on temporal aspects. This "distraction" is what led David Ellerman to argue that there is no changing the past in retrocausality in his well noted paper, A Very Common Fallacy in Quantum Mechanics: Superposition, Delayed Choice, Quantum Erasers, Retrocausality, and All That. The problem is the focus on the quantum behavior of particles and not the temporal behavior from the which way path set-up. What matters is where and when the particle shows up when it doesn't conform with the experiment arrangement. Whether it's a wave or particle doesn't matter.

It also torpedoes once and for all, any basis for further hype of Ronald Mallett's now doomed quest to be known as the "father of time travel". Mallett has failed to raise enough funds to further his work which my paper renders null and void. This work delivers everything that's beyond Mallett's reach, making his claims null and void, as well as all those time travel theories based on the work of Einstein, which have never panned out.

Currently, there has been some talk about a leak on how there was a plan in China to build a time machine but then when the word spread across the Internet, the organizations in China, alleged to be involved, quickly denied any truth to the idea. Now I know for a fact that elements in China have been following my work online from sites such as Academia.edu and Researchgate.net for some time now. In addition, I garnered some attention from my paper, The Inability of NonSpecialists in Physics To Determine and Convey Accurate Models In Temporal Mechanics when the press release, Marshall Barnes Smashes 2011 Hong Kong Study Hype Ruling Time Travel Impossible, hit the Asian geopolitical area.

I hit the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology pretty hard because I caught them red handed in exaggerating the effect of the results of an experiment that was done on the speed of photons. They found that it was impossible for a photon to travel faster than 186,000 miles per second and so they surmised that time travel was equally impossible which is a fallacy because time travel has nothing to do with speed, especially the solutions that I and others have found, so I took them to task on it. I'm sure that representatives from China and the university that was cited in the report, heard about what I had done, which isn't unusual but I wasn't standing for what HKUSL had tried to pull off, because it was their PR department that was pushing the whole, 'time travel is impossible' narrative that the media latched onto and I wasn't standing for it.

It's important, more than ever, to get accurate information about time travel out. As I have written before, space travel is not the answer for the continuation of humanity the way many have been led to believe, because we're running out of time and the cost and the restricted number of people that could benefit from it just makes it a no go solution. Because we may need to escape to the past sooner than we think, from a future bringing us the end of the world, this is no joke.

As David Byrne sang, in his Talking Heads song, Life During Wartime, "This ain't no party. This ain't no disco. This ain't no foolin' around..."


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