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Making Malcolm Barrett Eat His Time Travel Physics Brags From "Only Stupid Answers"...

Or Proving No One At NBC's Timeless Knows the Meaning of "Consistency" In Time Travel

By Marshall BarnesPublished 5 years ago 21 min read
She's looking at Rufus like anyone, who knows time travel physics, will look when they hear Malcolm Barrett say, "Novikov's principle of self-protection"...

(The following article is dedicated to Joseph Gerard Polchinski, who we lost - February 3rd, 2018)

February 5th, this year, two days after the death of physicist Joseph Gerard Polchinski, Sam Bashor and DJ Wooldridge of the aptly named podcast, Only Stupid Answers, had on that very same show, the African American member of the NBC time travel adventure show, Timeless- Malcolm Barrett. The episode was titled,Time Travel - What Are the Best Rules? Featuring Malcolm Barrett!, from which you can derive the level of intellectual sophistication of the proceedings. After all, forget the best rules - what about the laws of the applicable physics?! Oh, that's right. You see (or you will see), people like Bashor, Wooldridge and even Barrett talk like they know time travel but they don't. All they know is what happens in time travel fiction - which is all B.S. - and the worst conservative theories from relativists in physics - which have nothing to do with true time travel science. In other words, this trio represents exactly why I wrote my article for Futurism.media,Time Travel To The Past Is Almost Here...Because, everything you think you know about it, is WRONG. The key point that I made in the beginning of that article was - "the problem is that the greater majority of it is highly inaccurate and outdated theories that have been rehashed for decades. These stories are then aimed at, or even perpetrated by members of "geek" culture. So, it ends up as the blind leading the blind."

So it is that with, Bashor, Wooldridge and Barrett, these three blind mice will make my case beyond any shadow of a doubt...

Malcom plays the character Rufus Carlin, "a brilliant engineer and programmer sent with Lucy Preston and Wyatt Logan on their mission to prevent Garcia Flynn from damaging America's timeline", which is the most problematic aspect with the entire show. Fact - time travel will not damage a time line. It's impossible - conceptually, geometrically, scientifically and has been proved now as fact with physical retrocausality experiments that began in 2016. PERIOD. Fact - when the intrepid heroes of Timeless (known by fans as "the time team") fail to prevent changes to the timeline, those changes are depicted with all the subsequent accuracy of a preschooler's crayon drawing of Leonardo Da Vinci's The Last Supper. More on that latter...

For the purposes of transparency, I have had an antagonistic relationship with the show when I began to suss out early on, that the show's producers where going to ruin a perfectly viable program, because they had no idea how not to. I even tweeted that if they didn't quit doing topics of history that were already well known that they would share the same fate as the 1960's show, Time Tunnel did. Did they listen? No, and the ratings began to suffer because of it.

Suddenly, about mid-season in February of last year, out of nowhere, show co-creator Shawn Ryan, pops up on Twitter dissing the very fans that the show was probably losing.

"We take our time travel rules VERY seriously on #Timeless. For a science that doesn't exist yet, fans are VERY certain what rules are!"

This was not aimed at me but alerted me to the fact that fans, that were actually into the science of time travel, were clearly complaining about some of the obvious violations that were making the plot elements of the show look like the driving of a drunken sailor behind the wheel of a car. Being that I was heavily involved in the recent discoveries that were actually bringing the possibility of human time travel into our reach at a rapid pace, I wasn't having any of Shawn's arrogant B.S., especially when he told Paste Media's Trent Moore that they just wanted to get the "'rules' out of the way as quickly as possible". So Ryan and I got into it on Twitter and I kicked Shawn Ryan's can. Then, months later, just as I predicted, the show got canceled. The fans will scream that itwasn't - because they threw such a hissy fit that the network changed its mind.

But what they can't get through their puny little minds is that it never should have been canceled in the first place! It was Shawn Ryan and their writers' fault. Remember, I called it back in the late fall, the year before - I warned of the Time Tunnel effect. On Quora.com similar sentiments were expressed. The fact that the network not only cancelled the show, but when they brought it back, they did so for only 10 episodes, tells you that this is just a trial balloon to see what happens and if the ratings don't improve, the show has a chance to wrap up the story and then shutdown. That's it. Again, Shawn Ryan's fault and the fact they don't have anyone on their team that knows a closed time-like curve from a mobius strip. And no - Malcolm Barrett doesn't even qualify and now, you'll see why.

Basher and Wooldridge come across with the kind of humor that makes you feel like you do when you hear the jokes that make 1st graders crack-up with hilarious, giggling laughter. Except foul mouthed and sexually explicit - often talking over each other. Malcolm gleefully joins in, contributing the kind of lewd comments that would make Red Fox blush. Don't believe me? Listen to the first 40 minutes worth (by clicking on their hyperlinked show name above) and keep going after the some 30 odd minutes of actual time travel discussion is over. Oh, and don't say I didn't warn you. Hey, maybe you even like that kind of thing...

Right when you think these two nerdy dweebs are never going to get around to the subject they were hyping in the title, at 40:31 on the counter there's suddenly, "But we want to talk about some sci-fi s#!t.." and more talking over each other about how you don't bring Rufus on from Timeless and don't talk time travel - and then at 40:45, Malcom's finally asked by one of the hosts, "What are your feelings on time travel?".

"Ahh, [email protected]#% it," comes his sophomoric response, met with more juvenile laughter.

"No, it's funny", Barrett goes on, "I wind up being the go-to-guy on our show for all like theory and time travel stuff..."

My first thought was - Well, Hell, that explains a lot! Between Shawn Ryan not caring about the rules of time travel (after he claimed that he did) and not realizing there is a science to it after all, to now Malcolm Barrett claiming he's the brains behind the time travel theory of the show, no wonder they demonstrate a total and complete lack of comprehension of the very important scientific principle of self-consistency. Which is pretty funny, actually, when Barrett later proves he doesn't know a damn thing about it, but what gets me is how he continues with "...and I play like the quantum physics studied, engineer, pilot time travel/time machine inventor..." when according to the character descriptions I've read for the show, his character didn't invent anything, (it was actually his mentor, Anthony Bruhl that did that) he just knows how to run it and some theory. Kind of like, what Barrett says next:

"The cool thing is I actually am a nerd, and I dig this stuff" which is like saying he's not a doctor, though he plays one on TV, but he does work in a hospital - as the late night janitor!

Here's the deal - I actually am a published, quantum physics studied, R&D engineer (in fact just quoted recently in an article on artificial intelligence) who works on time travel physics with the intent to make time travel a reality and have made the biggest breakthroughs toward that goal, along with Rainer Plaga, Yakir Aharonov, John Archibald Wheeler and others that Barrett's probably never heard of. In fact, I wrote the first and probably only document, for select members of Congress, in real life that, within the context of Timeless, would've kept Homeland Security from shutting the time travel project down for fear that history could be changed. That's right. Let me be very clear - Homeland Security wouldn't be allowing Mason Industries to develop time travel without some assurances that no one could go back in time and change elections because it wouldn't be physically possible in the first place. That's whyI wrote the report, which is now the book - Paradox Lost: The True Geometries of Time Travel, because of educated fakes like Ronald Mallett, David Lewis Anderson and Louis Del Monte running around spreading time travel misinformation and calling for government regulation of time travel because of the lie that the past could be changed and no one would know it. Never mind none of 'em would be left standing in a "bet your life" debate with me on the facts about time travel science. If Ryan and the writers at Timeless, had read my book, it would've given them the fodder to make a much better show that time travel fans would've loved. But - they didn't.

If the writers of Timeless had read this book first, their show would've been tighter and they never would've had renewal problems....

So the bottom line is, I am, and do for real, what Malcom's character does on that show, sans the actual time travel, at least. Speaking of whom, Malcom continues with, "You know people are like, 'how could this happen?' and I'm like 'Well, you know - Novikov's principle of, you know, self-protection, and quantum theory and gravity, blah, blah blah..."

WHAT?! Novikov's principle of self-protection?! NOOOOO, Malcolm - it's Novikov's principle of self-consistency, you stupid, showboating poser! And that's exactly what Timeless's time travel lacks - self-consistency, making liars out of both Shawn Ryan and Barrett (you'll see). Self-consistency is the very thing in physics that you look for in theories. It's the reason why physicists see a problem with the asymmetry of time - because it is asymmetrical (until you solve it, like I did - but that's another story). So right here, right now, it's clear that Barrett is full of bollocks on time travel, but like I said - he and these other blind mice, will prove it for me...

"But I love it! Because, you know, there's a certain amount of science in our show, uh which is like based on closed time-like curves..."

STOP! Closed time-like curves are a mathematical graph (meaning anomaly) that physicists find in certain solutions in Einstein's General Theory of Relativity that form world lines through a spacetime that turn away from the direction of the future, back to a point in the past and then to the future again. They're B.S. because no one has seen one, no one agrees on their actual geometries and they've been used as a shield for gutless physicists who lack the gonads to actually determine a way for time travel to work through an actual technology, so they call CTCs "time machines" instead, which is like calling a water fall a freaking washing machine. The geometry of a CTC is so problematic under close consideration, that even some physicists, like Bryan W. Roberts, formerly of the University of Pittsburgh, wrote in his paper, Closed Timelike Curves, "Some physicists seem to identify CTCs with time travel, but this is somewhat of a misnomer. Traveling along a CTC would be more like what Nietzsche called ‘eternal recurrence,’ in which one’s life repeats again and again, than it would be like traveling in Doc’s DeLorean."

Or the Mothership and Lifeboat on Timeless. I first got into the meat of CTCs when writing my 2012 paper, Experimental and Theoretical Analysis Of Chronology Protection Conjecture Failing On The Discovery Channel, where I showed how CTCs could actually form a spiral into parallel universes once quantum mechanics had been applied to the model and disproved Stephen Hawking's Chronology Protection Conjecture with an electric guitar demonstration, just like he tried to do otherwise with a rock band on, Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking. But, I digress...

"Closed time-like curves and like, uh, all these sort of like - it's all theoretical and mathematical science and things like that. So like closed time-like curves and these like that are all answers to like metrics which are possible, which, you know, took from Newton to Einstein to, I think, Gadal or a couple of other things. Um and so it winds up, it winds up being a theoretical possibility...Um, um, but - and then there's like the Novikov, like which creates the grandfather paradox, right? Because you have the wormholes and then like, if this theory is possible then now we have the idea of the grandfather paradox, but then I think it's Novikov who theorized about, uh, the preservation theory which is that like, basically like the universe tends to want to right itself? Um, and so like, you know on an event horizon, a casual observer will not notice, uh, you know, slight distractions or changes in the timeline and things like that. Um, and then Stephen Hawking talks about, um, the sort of uh, you know, with new quantum theory or new quantum relativity uh, future theories that sort of nullifies the things that things can go wrong..."

MALCOLM, SHUT UP! Listening to him prattle on and on, incorrectly and incoherently - dropping names and terms he clearly has no idea what he's talking about (that's right, Malcom. It's Godel, as in Kurt Friedrich - pronounced "Gurdle" /ˈɡɜːrdəl/ you dumb dunce!), is like listening to William Hung's audition on American Idol, who clearly "had no professional training". It is so painfully obvious Malcolm Barrett's done no research at all on the subject, just a quick study of terms used by others who think they know what they're talking about, he needs to be slapped the next time he actually makes it sound as if he has any expertise to warrant opening his pie hole on time travel.

Back to Malcolm...

Then Sam Bashor gets into the act, while Wooldridge seems to be actually the wiser of the three - content to just make jokes and keep quiet about any knowledge concerning theory. Intent on proving what an idiot he is, Bashor babbles on for some time and then claims he made some stupid video on paradoxes. Rambling on about the Polchinski paradox, which I've proved to be wrong (it's obvious when you pay attention to the geometry of it and apply quantum and temporal mechanics to it) Bashor finds it all so mind boggling that he concludes -

"Yes, that has to be true 'cause I can't dive further into it...".

So now I'm SCREAMING at the speakers - "Yes! It must be true, since someone who shouldn't be WITHIN A THOUSAND LIGHT YEARS of a time travel physics paper, CAN'T FIGURE IT OUT!"

You can watch the video (see above) yourself to see that it fits within my "blind leading the blind" model. I'll just supply the answers to each of these nonexistent (at least not in real science) "time travel troubles" that Bashor can't see the solutions to.

1. The Let's Kill Hitler Paradox - Answer: Any and every act of time travel to the past causes into existence a new, parallel universe copy of the past with no causal link to the future that originated that cause. That rules out paradoxes and means that any action that takes place there - stays there, just like in Vegas. It will, however, not prevent someone else worse from taking Hitler's place but that's a matter of politics and not physics. Also, the only legitimate concept of a "self-healing" timeline is in fact the parallel universe model, which prevents paradoxes to begin with, not after the fact.

2. The Grandfather Paradox - Answer: This paradox proves that the person positing it is a moron that shouldn't even be talking about time travel. Why? The first paradox would be the obvious fact that the time traveler was never there originally so the obvious solution is the same as in #1. I created the fool proof formula that kills this and all causal paradoxes, first published in 2012 but included in my 2013 report and published in both my books.

3. The Butterfly Effect - Answer: The butterfly effect is overrated and obviously not true since major storms don't happen whenever the Monarch butterflies return to Southern California's coast. The name comes from the idea that "a butterfly flapping its wings in South America can affect the weather in Central Park." Even Edward Lorenz, who came up with the phrase, regretted doing so, due to its overblown, exaggerations in the media. It's also not a paradox. Applied to time travel, it doesn't matter due to the facts found in #1 and #2.

4. The Bootstrap Paradox - Answer: There are no such things as endless time loops - everything must have a beginning and in time travel I call it a FAOC or First Action of Cause. No FAOC and it's just a writer's ploy. Besides, true time travel science has discontinuous connections, which by definition means no loops and so bootstrap paradoxes are B.S.

5. The Predestination Paradox: Answer: Just another kind of loop which means that the answer is the same as #4 and by extension, #1 and #2.

Bashor ends this train wreck of B.S. with the statement, "Is there a way to correct these paradoxes, OR will they self-heal like I mentioned earlier, OR will they just exist as mistakes and we just have to deal with it? The real answer is we don't know because currently time travel is impossible but it's FUN to think about!" Considering that I just resolved all of the issues using science, that pretty much proves my point about Bashor.

Despite the fact Bashor mentions parallel universes as a solution to this nonsense, at the end of his little video, he still maintains his moron status by stating, "The many worlds theory states that if you go back in time and change something, this new world will exist in a separate universe from the one you originally lived in." WRONG! Only the simple minded, and stupid students, believe this because - once again, it skips the obvious issue of the time traveler having not been there originally, so the solution is, as has been experimentally supported now, that the act of time travel makes that new universe/world first, so whatever you do there doesn't matter. You can tell a time travel moron because they always talk about what happens if someone does this or that, when the experts like me know that's it's all about the geometry that makes the time travel possible, hence the subtitle of my special report/book - The True Geometries of Time Travel.

Then Bashor goes for extra B.S. bonus points by stating, "The more depressing scenario is when you travel back in time and you succeed, this completely erases the universe you came from..." Of course that's BOLLOCKS because, as I said, and physical experiments in retrocausality now prove, there are no causal links between these worlds because they have decohered. Even if they're still weakly coupled, nothing that happens in one can change the future or past of the other or erase it! So much for giving Bashor the bashing he deserves for that...

I'm so disgusted with Malcolm Barrett's misleading brag's of unwarranted expertise, I'm not even going to repeat anymore of his tripe, you can listen for yourself, except this bit -

"So here's the time travel rules on our show, alright? Which is, which is great - it's always funny. This is why I study enough, uh, theories and relativity thing, because people will tell you why this time travel thing can't work and it's like you know, it's theoretical science - you can't tell me it can't work... "

which just proves what a moron Malcolm Barrett is. Theoretical science isn't just make believe that you can hand wave about, but then again, what else should I expect from an idiot who, within the entire interview, couldn't put together a complete sentence about time travel physics, LET ALONE an ACCURATE ONE. Yet this dufus is bragging about how he's "studied theories and relativity" so he can tell people they can't tell him what won't work?! Well, Malcom, I'd swear I JUST DID and I'm not done, pal...

If you want to learn about all the things and people, connected to true time travel science, read my take down of another time travel phony - actual astrophysicist, Paul M. Sutter - Paul Sutter (the "Spaceman") Makes My Points For Me: Why Most Physicists Know Nothing About True Time Travel Science. Midway through, it's all there.

And now I'm going to show you just a few of the clips from Timeless that prove they have no real rules at all, especially none that are related to true time travel science!

This clip shows the writers' first disconnect with consistency. For Lucy to be in a world where she has been engaged, had no sister and her mother isn't sick, this is clearly a world where there would have to be another Lucy. After all, where's the woman that her fiancé was in love with? It's certainly not this Lucy. If she never had a sister here, then it's clearly a different, parallel universe, but not in this show! This would never happen in any legitimate time travel scenario. There must be another Lucy THERE or it's BOLLOCKS! What's more, if there should be another Lucy there, that means there should already be another Rufus and Wyatt, because it's not the timeline that they're from. See what happens when the writers don't know the time travel science that they think doesn't exist...?

This clip begins with Lucy looking at how she's changed history on her latest adventure, this time in the Old West. Unless, when she left the past, she went to the future of that parallel universe in the past, there's ZERO WAY that that would be possible. In fact, there isn't any guarantee that in the future of that universe, that they would even exist and if they did, they wouldn't be the originals. Once again, you'd have doubles to contend with and just hand waving, that they changed the time line, doesn't cut it. So what? You still have to account for what happened in the interim and it's the same problem I already identified. If Lucy returned to the timeline she originated from, nothing would be different, so the writers have her in the wrong place again, or on a single timeline which violates so many laws of physics they need to be arrested. The technical solution is just an engineering problem that I already know the answer to. The theory can be illustrated with a simple space-time diagram. Oh, but Malcolm should've been able to take care of that...Yeah right!

Here's a quick interpretation - the CTC they use would return them to their original timeline (but it should return them to the same time they left - another reason why it makes no sense) but if it did that, energy could flow the same way and build up and destroy the connection (see Stephen Hawking) which would require the CTC not actually be closed, and just be a fleeting product created by their time machine while in operation. Also, whoever designed their ships, knows more than anyone else on the whole show!

In this last clip, above, the time team returns from the assassination of Abraham Lincoln wanting to see if anything has changed. Once again - it has! In the real world, that would mean that they're in a new parallel universe future where, once again, there would be doubles to contend with at some point. But to prove conclusively that the writers of Timeless are clueless, watch carefully how Gea explains to Lucy how it is that her sister, Amy, is no longer there. It's simple! Her father, Henry Wallace, married the granddaughter of a girl who would've died on the Hindenburg (which didn't explode on landing) and not Lucy's mother which means the man she originally knew as her father isn't! Wait for it...Wait for it...OH SNAP! That's right, you readers with your thinking caps on - a DNA test from Lucy would PROVE that Henry is her father because she's from the timeline where her parents were married and had her and Amy. Time travel isn't going to change her DNA, which means this WHOLE SCENARIO here is BOLLOCKS and the writers at Timeless are totally out of their depth trying to write intelligent time travel fiction! Remember how I said their problem was with consistency? I wasn't kidding...

So if instead of wasting their time with General Relativity and other time travel irrelevancies, which they never actually use in the show, if Ryan and the writers had read my book, they wouldn't have been making all these stupid screw-ups in the plot and would've had a much more interesting show - keeping everything else the same. But nooooooo...

So, in closing, I'm officially challenging Malcom Barrett, Shawn Ryan and anyone else they want to drag along for support (they'll NEED IT), to a debate on the rules of time travel at Comic Con or any other platform that's handy, FOR MONEY. The winnings, from a 3rd party sponsor, go to the winner's favorite STEM education charity, and the bragging rights go to the winner. Since both Barrett and Ryan like to shoot off their mouths about how damn much they know about the rules of time travel, let's see if they have the stones to stand and deliver on it - in front of a live audience of their fans!

Either way, you know I'm gonna win and win BIG.

Coming Soon! -NBC's Timeless - if it was done with the time travel right!

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