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Using Me: Stop

Why do I allow others to use me for their benefit but not get the same back in return?

By Theresa EvansPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
Using Me: Stop
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Some people just want to use you. Some people are committed to only using you. The minute you tell them no, they are the ones that get pissed off, and they go around acting like you never did anything good for them. Stop using me this way.

Some people just want to use you, and I see things like this; if the individual chooses to keep using you, then it is my job to ensure you don’t keep using me. I have learned that no matter how hard you try to make others happy, you will still have those people that will try their best to use you up. They will go as far as to make you feel guilty for not allowing yourself to be used by them repeatedly, and when this happens, you have to keep your mental head space tack.

Some people are committed to only using you because they know for themselves that they have nothing to offer you or themselves, so the person results back to their own way of thinking and moving around you until the individual feels that they have broken you to the point of no return and this kind of person is only for themselves and no one else. This is why I try my best to stay clear from these people because they are already showing you how committed they are to use you to their own potential.

The minute you tell them no, they are the ones that get pissed off and go around acting like you never did anything good for them, so I will shut you out of my life and move on like you never existed. I am not being mean when I say this because if you want me to continue being the fool for you and your actions, you are sadly mistaken. When I was in my twenties, I knew that I was young-minded, so I often didn’t know any better, but now that I know better, I will no longer be a fool for what you choose not to fix for yourself.

There is no way in the world that you can come to me with the verbal abuse and mental destruction and think that I am going to still be cool with you when we both know that you are not going to ever change your way of thinking so why in the world would I keep giving you my time and energy for no reason.

When I tell someone no for any reason, please know that when you hear the word no come out of my mouth, it is for a valid reason, and never to harm someone or break them down. When I say no now, it is because I am trying to look for more productive and positive ways to help us both win, but if you are in my space and you can’t see this within m, you will be cut off.

I enjoy the simple things in life, and my peace of mind is everything. So when I say no to a person about something, please know that it is only used to develop the best version of each other that I can give. If you are not on this level of building, then you can move on with your life, and I will move on with mines. Some people may think that I am being petty when I do this, but I do not care how petty my actions may seem to you. I see things now like this: if you feel I am being petty for protecting myself first, you will always think that about me, and I am cool with this because I already know who I am. If you do not want me to use you this way, please take a minute to slow down and think of why I am treating you the same way you are treating me. In my world, this is only fair, and if you don’t like how I am currently moving with you, stop doing it to me too.

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I am a woman on fire for the love of life and being able to reach one life at a time through my words. If I can reach one then I can teach one the art of healing one's self from the inside out all mentaly

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