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The Transformative Power of Motivational Books

Make Reading Your Habit

By Monika Sharma Published 6 months ago 4 min read

In a world filled with challenges and uncertainties, individuals seek sources of inspiration and guidance to navigate the complexities of life. Motivational books serve as beacons of hope, offering insights, strategies and stories that propel individuals towards personal growth and success.

I remember when i got my very first book THE MAGIC OF THINKING BIG for me its just a waste of money as i am not a reading person (who read novels), and this novel is gifted by one of my very good friend and i remember while giving this book there was a smile on her face, and with a smile she said you should give this a try, at first i am not so sure but here begins the magic of the book

The Author of THE MAGIC OF THINKING BIG does a tremendous work in this book he just explain his experience in such a way that no one can do, this book shows you how you can-

1. Launch Yourself to success with the power of belief

2. Develop the Power of Belief

3. Think Confidently by Acting Confidently

4. Use Creative Thinking to Find New and Better Ways to Get Things Done

5. Invest in Yourself for Future Profit

As a beginner i would recommend to give it a try and it will not disappoint you.


Lets talk about what exactly this book taught me, so in every Chapter of this contain different problem solutions everyone face. For example:-

1. Confidence

The very first thing that comes in our mind when we want to do something new is whether we are able to do that or not, which reflects lack of confidence. To overcome from this, first try to look after its positive side not negative, negative thoughts always pull us towards failure and towards lack of confidence so very basic to overcome your lack of confidence is always look after positive side or positive thoughts.

2. Afraid of Failure

Always remember our mind is most sensitive instrument which follows our lead, everything you do contains risk. After listening risk word we always think of quitting but, is it worth it until we do not give it a try. So the very first thing is to set our mind and it is said that 80% of mind set lead us towards success.

3. Creativity Thinking

When we talk about creativity very first thing comes in mind, what type of creativity. Creativity can be anything like Photography, Graphic Designing anything you want to do, the very thing you need to do is set your mind that you really want to do this.

4. Attitudes towards people

Always remember every one has there own personality no one is perfect if you have this mind setup, you are never gonna let yourself down in front of anyone. Right attitudes win for you in every situation.

5. Be an Activationist

So the very first thing comes in mind is what exactly is activationist so its mean that person who is active ( be someone who does things) who do not wait unit the conditions are perfect someone who solve difficulties as they arise.

And as i said earlier every chapter contain a valuable content which help you to lead yourself towards success.

At the time when i was alone and lost about my future, at that time this book helps me like someone is holding my hand and pulling me out from the dark to the lighting, this book taught me lots of things which i really wanted to know and want in my life.

When i was at the last page of this book suddenly my past self strike me and make me realize, how wrong i was about the motivational books that they can not help us to make us feel good, but when i look at my present self it really helps me to improve my self, improve my growth, it also helps me improve my vision towards many things, and many more.

Motivational books serve as powerful tools for personal and professional development. Its abilities to inspire, motivate, and provide actionable strategies make them indispensable guides on the journey to success. As readers transformative power of these books, they embark on a journey of self-discovery, resilience, and continual growth- unlocking their full potential along the way.

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