The Power of the Mind!

by Shawnora Davis 5 months ago in self help


The Power of the Mind!

The power of a thought!

Before you keep reading... there are rules.

  1. Clear your mind from all other things that you have going on in your outside life.
  2. Go to a quiet place before you start to read.
  3. Make sure you are paying close attention to these pages, because every word I say will give you a gem that you need to hold on to.
  4. Enjoy your time to relax, and understand that knowledge is powerful.

Ok... I’ll wait 'til you follow the rules!

Ok, you're back. Good! We are making good progress!

Before you start to read, look at the picture above. What do you see? From the picture, there are only two answers you can get! Well, honestly you can get three if you're a smarta**, but that's beside the point. Yes I said it. I will be honest with you because thats what it takes to make us as people change. We are so used to someone telling us what we want to hear, but I am telling you now, this is not the story for you if you want to be lied to. But if you want to unlock the power within yourself, stay tuned in. I promise to explain more as we go on.

Ok, so now that I said what I said, draw your attention back to the picture. What did you see? What did you get from it after the second look? No, it’s not just a glass of water. Like most people I know, when I first saw this picture, I thought, ok it’s a glass of water, nothing special.

But as I kept looking, I noticed that the glass of water was not full. Maybe you're wondering what the heck does a glass of water have to do with the power of the mind. Well, now that you ask, I will tell you. If you looked at the picture and only saw that the glass was half full, then you are an optimistic thinker, but if your first thought while looking at the glass of water was that the glass was half empty, it means that you are a pessimistic thinker. So what does this mean?

  • Optimistic thinkers: a person who thinkers the best usually hopeful, confident
  • Pessimistic thinker: a person who expects the worst, negative

Well, now that I have you thinking, think about a problem that you are having in your life. Maybe you don't have enough time in the day to do something you love. Maybe you are having financial problems and are stressed out, or maybe the kids won't stop crying and giving you a hard time. Even though these are normal things that everyone goes through, depending on the day, these kinds of things can elicit different reactions. You could be so down that your own mind becomes your own enemy.

Defense against the enemy within!

So how can you guard yourself from your own mind? One way is to notice what you are focusing on. If your mind is telling you to feel down in any way, try to write down when you felt that way and what caused you to feel that way.

Step 2: Can the problem be solved?

If there is a solution to your problem, then you should not worry because you have a plan. The situation is in your hands and you have the power to change it. Now that you have a plan, stop, I repeat, stop, worrying about it and put that plan into action.

Step 3: Let’s say you can’t fix the problem

If you have tried to think of many ways to fix your problem and you just can’t find a solution, then I want you to understand that there’s nothing you can do. The problem is no longer in your hands, and you have to stop stressing about it and move on to prepare for what happens after.

Listen, there are only two ways to solve a problem: either it’s in our control or it’s not. There is no need to stress your mind, as this will just make you tired. Also, this type of energy can make you stuck in a place where you don’t need to be. Foolish is a person who sees a crash in the road and doesn’t prepare to stop (This means if you see there’s no way to combat your problem, then you should step away and prepare not to crash). There will be many ups and down in life, and we hold all the cards in our hands. It does not matter what’s in your hand, it only matters how you play with the hand you were dealt!


The mind is very powerful, and the thoughts that we have give our bodies and our minds energy to complete a task. Even if it’s as simple as moving your arm up and down, your mind is what control your actions. So, the energy that we put into action is the energy that we have put into words. Then our mind projects an image to us to complete the action. All of this happens from a thought that we had. Thoughts are one of the most powerful things that a person can have. If we give negative energy to our minds and to our heart, this will only create what we are most afraid of, which will lead to failure.

Child like improvement!

So I have a son that is only 11 months old, and he is a very active little guy! He likes to move and play all over the floor, pulling out toys as he goes. I know most people can relate; at this age, it can be tough. In a sense, the mind works in the same way as a young child; you have to train your mind to be positive, to produce that positive energy that you need. This can take time and repetitive discipline. This discipline will train you to think positively, and through this constant battle you will notice that you have become an optimistic thinker that can achieve anything that you want. You will get everything thing you desire. The energy that you possess will keep you on the path to success. You will break through all barriers that stand in your way. Just by a simple thought!

Well, congratulations, you made it this far! You should be proud of yourself. Now is time for action. Don’t be lazy. Read read this until it sticks. Refocus yourself. This technique will lead you to a path of happiness no matter what you have going on in life. Also, you will become a problem solver and your mind will no longer be your enemy.

Maybe you are a religious person and you have heard someone say, "Faith without works is dead." Well, I’m also telling you that work without faith is dead. And if you don’t believe it, the world won’t believe it. I am telling you that people will try to stand in your way, and although barriers will rise, they can fall! Never listen to a person whose desires are not something you yourself don’t desire. Turning your mind into a temple of your desire and being positive can give you the tools to dismiss such a person.

Only the strong survive!

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Shawnora Davis
Shawnora Davis
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