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.On Daily Practice, and The Unstoppable Power of One Step.

Personal Energy or Qi, is the least considered resource of our modern day.

By Empty Poetry and VersePublished 5 months ago 7 min read

..On Daily Practice, and The Unstoppable Power of One Step.

By: Akilkuumba Kelley

Our ancient human ancestors explored the globe. Endless uncharted paths to choose from, flowing rivers cascade from mouths of proud reservoirs, and anthropomorphic winds speak in tongues unknown to the founders. Still, the the vehicle was only the body, and the pace step by step. This is human kinds greatest power, consistency.

Whichever of the paths we choose to follow in life, and whatever goals we keep in mind will only be as good as the follow-through devoted. Therefore it is less about what we choose, and rather how we go about doing it. What is the gem of one's life, the alchemist stone of one existence? That thing with the capability to turn lead into gold and coal into diamonds figuratively speaking. Take us from the start and get us to our goal, many have claimed to have discovered it, and within those many words and concepts, I have found it. The secret to fantastic levels of achievement is your daily practice.

Sounds too simple to be true, what an obvious glue, because of course you already knew that. Where we go is the product of what we do every day, not what we think or what we say, but truly what we do. Not that thinking and saying is not doing something along the way. But still, it is the action that will activate an unstoppable momentum.

Think of each day as one step, just one in the direction you'd like to go. This means that in a week you can take 7 steps, in month 30, and 365 in a year. or you could take 1 step a week, 4 a month, and only 48 in a whole year. Life can be thought of as a journey up a mountain, one that we may have to walk mostly alone. Like a journey up a mountain, there are several aspects of success and actualization in life. We need to have direction, sustenance, entertainment, and excitement. In our day and age, it isn't enough to simply survive. Not only this but like a proverbial mountain life often has unexpected circumstances, so cantankerous that they can scarcely be prepared for. Still, we must endure.

Personal Energy or Qi, is the least considered resource of our modern day. Everything we do, from thought to action, and emotion takes energy. To cook, to clean, to travel, to have good health and maintain it, to get a job and keep it. In business, athletics, dating, and raising children, A satisfying life must have a strong energetic surplus also known as vitality. What Mountain can you climb without a good breakfast, and a great night's sleep? Only the one in your dreams.

Therefore one can say here are the steps, eat this way, pray every night, or even what I said: "Take a step a day." It sounds so easy however the challenge is to continue, and that is why daily practice is the alpha and omega. One day's progress can be 100% and the next three might be only 30% yet this is not failure. On the contrary, this is a success.

I will demonstrate this principle of constant motion with this short parable; The water that forged the Grand Canyon, or the winds that gathered the great dunes. Do you think they blew just as hard every day, or that water slithered at the same speed in the different tides of the moon? Likewise, do you believe it made any difference to the stone that was constantly at its mercy? Therefore how a second is spent does not reflect how the hour was used, nor does a day's effort in the grand scheme of a divine assessment.

So do not stress, simply breathe and take your next step, as keeping momentum is truly far more essential. Transform, release, die, and resurrect as you need. But never stop moving forward, there is a process, but let that process never fall below 1% movement in that highly desired direction.

It will be the actions that are as continues as breathing, eating, and drinking that will become your essence. Ask yourself does one becomes fit after a day's training, even if they were to train for 24 hours straight. What about a lengthy project or written novel? Can any of these things be achieved in 24 hours of intense work? It is unlikely, rather it will always be the activities that are grafted into our very existence that flourish as vidily as palace gardens.

That means ultimately it is not the activity that matters, as much as the lifestyle. In other words, for you to find ultimate success in any goal set upon the heart, it must become integrated into your spirit. Allowing your very DNA to activate in the service of this purpose. Not only this but the entire metaphysical cosmos will align for this cause whatever it might be. Why? because it is expressed from a deep, complete, and sacred place, I call this the seat of the soul.

For some, it is easy to just begin, and they may not need a guide or practice, they would rather from this on their own. Yet others are further displaced and require more guidance. Both approaches are filled with possibility. What follows is my strategy named cultivation.

Breath, Water, and Food are the forces that sustain our life. Breath is the equivalent of spirit, water is comparable to the nature of the mind, and food is sensory as the body. Of course, we need these three elements, to nourish our being. This is the blueprint and the focus of cultivation. It aims to cultivate the Qi by exercising the spirit, mind, and body in one disciplined practice.

First, we start with a short affirmation, something along the lines of "Every day I come closer to my goal." begin by sitting in a meditative poster, standing or lying down at times can also be excepted. From here we align our spirit. Find yourself a comfortable meditative posture, closing your eyes take a few energetic complete breaths.

Visualize with your mind's eye a flowing river, this represents your path. See it come to a large gate blocking the flow, this is your obstacle or challenge. Watch as the rapids slowly push open the gate as you exhale each breath completely. Open each gate of your life, and allow the waters to flow through.

From here we will dive into the mind, which functions as the bridge between spirit and body. This is why faith is so heavily emphasized in energetic practices. To believe completes the internal circuit, as the mind is a metaphysical gateway allowing the imagination to be converted into subtle energies.

At this stage, we will now visualize ourselves in the present moment, and then look into the future watcher, as our present self and circumstances transform into the fulfilled goal. see yourself taking the steps, and passing through each trial with grace. Let come to mind your past, and where you are coming from, the success that you have already had. Then finally see yourself in the present, remembering that now is so wonderful, and right where you need to be.

This exercise is valuable because it allows us to remember where we are going, and how far we have already come. One of the biggest challenges when it comes to reaching any goal is that we tend to lose motivation as time progresses. In other words, we forget how we felt at the start, the literal reason for transformation can fade with time. Let us remind our selfs every day we wake up on the journey, that there is a splendid work to be done, or rather a divine mission.

Finally, we complete the cultivation by diving into the sphere of the body. The energetic manifestation of all the complexity within, therefore the body has a function of both spirit and mind with the addition of its own unique physical power.

Start your training with a quick standing meditation, and take a strong athletic poster. breathing in deeply watch as red energy is drawn towards you and condensed in your muscles. As you exhale watch this garnet energy solidify deeply into your flesh causing it to glow. Inhale watch as a warm aura is admitted from the surface of your flesh, and feel the surge of vitality shoot through your vessel. Now begin your rigorous routine, and stay Devoted.

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