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My First Read Dollar

How Vocal Is Helping My Creativity

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

I started on Vocal on 18th of April 2021 with this post and in two months I have earned just over a dollar for reads. This may not sound much and for anyone just here to make money may not sound too enticing, but the benefits of being here are really worth the membership.

I don’t think anyone is on Vocal to make money, but it is a nice by-product , and the more you get read the more you make , but it's also a gauge of how people are interacting with you and in the two months I’ve had around 200 reads which is only about three a day , but it is a start.

One of my problems is while I have a vibrant social media presence I don’t really follow that many people. I see many people getting lots then see they are following thousands of others. Of course those follows will mean that you will get seen by the people you follow when you post but I feel I would lose control and lose track.

On Vocal I was thinking I would like to know who put a heart on my posts and who was reading my posts but then I started thinking further.

If that happened you would start to see the growth of cliques who would maybe like and read each other's work to the exclusion of others. At the moment we don’t know who reads our posts. The have to pass mustard when you submit them for approval and only then can they be read on the Vocal platform.

The Vocal approvers have lists of favourite authors and while that may generate a bit of jealousy (how do you become a favourite Vocal author?) it is the way Vocal should stay in my opinion.

I have corresponded with a single Vocal author (Valerie Rowe) so far via her Instagram profile and she was extremely pleasant and supportive and I read a few of her posts, so if you want to interact with other Vocal authors at the moment it needs to be outside of Vocal.

I nearly didn’t write this piece as I thought it was similar to other posts in actually eulogising the benefits of Vocal. There are apparently 750K Vocal creators and an external audience of 9 million readers, so your work can get a wide readership if it hits the right notes with the audience.

Part of my reason for being here is , like my blog , the hope that ideas will come , words will flow, and I can start to write that book. It may happen or not but Vocal is certainly keeping me producing words and articles.

One of the other benefits is I have actually taken to composing music , and learning to play the guitar again , I learnt to play a version of The Rolling Stones’ “Happy” today and minded to do a recording and put it on my YouTube channel, it will be just me, my drum machine and guitar but that is fine .

I also created my first minimalist piece on a 4 track studio app called J4T on my Amazon Kindle Fire and used it as the lead piece in my post On Writing … On Vocal , and it got me a five dollar bonus.

So whether it’s right or not I feel that Vocal is restarting my overall creativity , not just writing, and if you have got this far and you are wondering whether to put doing on here. Do it, just do it.

I’m almost shocked at how much I have written in these two months and I feel I have hardly started, but I will continue.

Writing on Vocal is making me very happy , so we can share my favourite Rolling Stones song “Happy” for you to listen to as you read this.


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  • Randy Wayne Jellison-Knockabout a month ago

    It was nice to be able to come back & read this from the link on your milestone post & check out your humble beginnings, Mike. You've come a long way, my friend.

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