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You Can Be Creative In So Many Ways

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

In the online world you can't publish something and expect people to keep reading it , although that is what you want , to produce something that will be read and reread and enjoyed and remarked upon.

What you publish may be a written article , a photograph , a video or slideshow or some music you want people to enjoy , and revisit whatever it is you want to share with them.

The only reward you really want is confirmation that people appreciate your work, and that is done by feedback and visits and on platforms like Vocal a little financial reward.

The thing is I publish on my Youtube Channel (I can't monetise it because I don’t have enough subscribers) but I get visits , likes and comments, mostly positive and that makes me feel valued and wanted. I don’t post very often but my popular posts continually get visits and comments.

Then there’s Instagram where I have 500 followers and again get likes for post of pictures and music that I enjoy. Because I get direct feedback I keep posting on there.

I’m also on Twitter but have about a hundred followers but I very seldom get interactions on my tweets , although my Instagram posts leak through and sometimes cause a reaction.

Then there’s my SevenDaysIn blog. I only have six followers , after fifteen years of posting , but the blog has had over half a million visits in that time , but only nineteen direct comments, although I have had a few comments when I share the post on Facebook. The benefits of having your own blog is that you can post whatever you want and there is no limitation apart from what your own taste decides.

Then I picked up on Vocal , which has serious increased and hopefully improved my writing. You have the option of a paid subscription to Vocal+ which increases read payments and allows you to enter competitions with impressive prizes but it seems that you only get read on Vocal when you immediately post and then it stops , or so I thought.

You can be front page Vocal as a favourite author or writer of a picked top story but I am not sure how they are determined. Some of the favourite authors have posted only one or two stories and some of the top stories are first posts so this is not something based on Vocal popularity (again I am not sure how that is measured) but I was coming to the conclusion that if I wanted to be read on Vocal I had to keep posting stories.

The today I got an email that I had been awarded $5 for ‘For your awesome story, "On Writing...on Vocal."’ meaning that someone had read my piece and obviously liked it. I think it is probably the first payment I have received for something I have written, but most of all it told me that when I thought people weren’t reading my stuff they actually were , and they obviously enjoyed it.

So the conclusion I am drawing is , yes , keep creating , by either writing , sharing pictures or videos or whatever and even if you think people aren;t noticing you , someone probably is and they are probably appreciating it.

We are now in a world where we can become immortal by stamping our word on the surface on the world wide web. I have memories recorded on my blog and a body of work on Vocal that is growing almost by the day.. When I post I share on Twitter and Facebook and that creates a little interest and that is they way you can leave your mark.

So I will share my most watched Youtube slideshow featuring Christopher Lee singing (or enunciating) Paul Anka’s “My Way” , heavy metal style. There are a few posts about the saga of me getting this onto Youtube on SevenDaysIn Here if you want to check that out.

Keep doing your thing , and do it your way.

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