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Money Talk — Pick a Card Reading

What You Need To Know About Your Finances At This Moment

By Zondra Dos AnjosPublished 3 months ago 5 min read
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In this reading we are going to focus on your finances over the next 3 months.

It's crucial that you choose the pile wisely and if you feel for it, choose two piles.

In this reading I will be using the Tarot Grand Luxe by Ciro Marchetti and Romantic Tarot (by purchasing the decks, you help me earn a small commission and support my work)

This is a timeless reading, you can come back anytime you want to review the main points and read again the adivices given.

Let's get started:

Pile 1 - Red Crystal

Pile 2 - Purple Crystal

Pile 3 - Multicolor Crystal

... ... ... ... ...

Pile 1 - Red Crystal

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Sometimes we believe that there is nothing heappening in our lives.

Because of that we tent to procrastinate, believing that there is nthing else to do with our financial situation.

Look no further, The Empress brings you the energy of hope, letting you know that something you thought about around July 2021, was a Idea for you to monetize.

However, when you tried it something came up that took the ressources you had for this project making you leaving it to aside.

The Empress is asking you to take it back and try one more time, knowing that you will need persistence, pacience and resilience.

I will be more specific: This project has to do it stock marked or investing and you were going to pay a course or mentorship.

Give it one more try… because this time the energies are also with The Judgement supporting it, that brings to you liberation and freedom to focus on whatever project you have.

Now, it's important to have in mind that The Judgement card bring to you the energy that right now its about time for you to take away everything that is on your way and focus totally in this project.

Don't let anything distract you this time, be like a warrior in the war with the mindset that you are going to win.

Daily Tasks

  • Write down your financial goals everyday.
  • Make, rebuild or adjust your budget based on your financial possibilities.
  • Stop flexing on the social media to please people you don't like because this is in vain, they wont recognize you for who you are anyway.
  • Build a money magnet, take a small amount every month and put in a account and leave it there to generate money energy in your life.
  • The Empress card give you a boost to build your money magnet, attracting more prosperity into your life.
  • Use the energy of The Judgement to have the courage to end all the money leaks in your life right now.
  • Life is giving you signs that now its time to act, don't postpone anymore.

... ... ... ... ...

Pile 2 - Purple Crystal

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Stability is arriving into your finances thanks to your efforts in the past six months.

You can grab the champagne glass and celebrate because the next phase of your life will be an exciting one.

Welcome this new finances energy into your life because what we welcome with gratitude blooms and multiplies.

I sense that some of you have been annoyed about how your finances have been showing lately, but this feeling will get more of the same if you don't come down and accept things as they are taking the lessons from it while moving forward.

Finances in relationships must be discussed now, it's important to be open to opinions and understand that you and your partner are together on this path.

The more you can talk about your finances, the more you grow.

The engagement party you are planning will happen and you will have the amount if money you need in the next 3 months.

Let me be more specific: I see that a distant cousin related to your mother will help to finance your arrangement.

Daily Tasks

  • You are a go-getter don't underestimate your abilities to achieve your money goals.
  • Talk more about finances with your loved ones.
  • In a cozy atmosphere build a budget with your partner, i.e. talk about your financial goals and build a realistic budget from there.
  • Make wealth a good talk in your near relationships rather than the talking about "this person is rich because xyz...".
  • Rearrange your goals and plan your months.
  • Be grateful for your stability.
  • The more you think about the bills the more you will manifest them, let go of what is outside your control.

... ... ... ... ...

Pile 3 - Multicolor Crystals

Image generated by the author on canvas pro

Life is pointing a way where your financial choices and budget routine will pay off soon.

The King of Pentacles show your reasonable you must keeportant that you keep up the excellent work.

If your relationship with money hasn't been that good, the King of Pentacles is a wake-up call that now is a great time to start.

In the next three months, the universe asks you to be responsible with your finances and adjust the points you are uncomfortable with.

It's not cutting off your morning latte from your budget. One needs to enjoy life.

You got to understand that everything that contributes to your best performance and productivity is an investment.

Wisely enjoying life must be your priority right now.

You need to get your mind out of the money chase and master the art of making money.

On the other hand, cut the subscriptions and memberships you don't use.

A sudden gain arrives, and it might be in the form of a promotion or extra freelance work.

Daily Tasks

  • Balance responsibility and joy in your daily life.
  • Celebrate your efforts.
  • Be happy for the choices you have made in your finances until now.
  • If you are not happy with your choices, change them.
  • Keep focus on your financial goals.

Thank you so much for reading and allowing me to share my gift.

If the reading resonated with you, please leave your clapping.

If you want to book a reading, you can visit this page.

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