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Manifesting destiny

How I created my destiny

By Queen anonymous Published about a year ago 4 min read
Manifesting destiny
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Dreams to come true

When we go through a recession in our life we feel like it’s never ending. there is a time when we feel like giving up, or like there is no way out.

It’s funny how things turn around, completely different than in the state we are in.

For many years I thought that things would eventually turn up, and I thought through hard work and motivation it would. That’s the thing, there was no motivation in me left. Your probably wondering how it turned around, aren’t you ?

It’s simple really. I mean it, it’s easier than said actually. I came upon a secret that changed my life forever, the simplest of things that turned everything up.

I will tell you what it is now. After many years wasted and thinking how I could improve my life nothing worked untill I ran into a video one night. Late at night I realized nothing was working to elevate my motivation to get things done. I decide to start researching: how to be motivated, then I ran into a YouTube video online. Unfortunately I don’t remember the exact video. All I remember is what was taught.

The video starts talking about how everything started coming true after creating scenarios in your head. It went into detail on how exactly you can change the way you think to create a positive switch in the brain. I decide to try it out since I had nothing left to do except try anything. I’ll tell now that I actually even tryed anti- depressants once.

It’s simple, all you have to do is journal, but not the type of journaling your thinking, like the one were you tell your journal all about what happened during your day. Nothing like that actually, it’s the opposite. I will give you specific instructions on how to do it. Your going to write on a notebook phrases that are positive and futuristic, for example; I am love, I have everything I want, I am a billionaire. Your going to write each phrase about 3 to 4 times maybe even five, just make sure you write it at least 3 times in a row. For example, I have my dream house, I have my dream house, I have my dream house ect….

Do this with different phrase every night before bed, make sure they are always positive, don’t use negative conitatione like; I wish. You must think of it as if you have that house already or the thing you want. when your writing, keep writing different things you want imagining they are yours already and keep doing this untill your falling asleep. The reason you must do this before bed and falling asleep is because it creates a meditational state. Also, anything you focus on before bed is what gets processed in your mind. This is what you will think about all night while you sleep subcontiously. You must write each phrase 3 times or more because it takes 3 repetitions to memorize something. Your experience will be more relaxing and enhanced if you listen to instrumentals in the background, I prefer some Chinese traditional music playlist, it calms my mind. you could also listen to rain fall, or something that brings you peace, like the sound of the ocean.

If you follow these instructions carefully and throughly you will not only wake you happier but you will see an effortless change in everything. You won’t have to offer a finger because motivation will come to you naturally, you could also make one of those phrases exactly that; I am motivated, I am motivated, I am motived. You will soon see that you will actually start feeling motivated naturally but forcefully. Also the writing helps, I know you could just tell your self these phrases in front of your bathroom mirror and that’s great!! It will work but if you want faster results, write instead. Writing is also, one of the fastest ways your brain processes information. Faster than saying it, your brain actually is seeing ever word being written letter by letter, it will stick better. You could also learn languages faster by writing every word.

Anyways, follow these instructions carefully and I promise things will change for your life quickly. no more forced effort, things will litteraly fall on your lap doing this every day. Try to make it part of your before bed routine. My started changing just 1 month after doing this tremendously.

If you found this helpful, or you tryed it and it helped you please leave a comment and you can send a tip at the bottom, thank you 🙏 I hope all your dreams and goals come true.

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