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How to make money by writing!

Series: Side hustles

By CyrusPublished 5 months ago 3 min read
How to make money by writing!
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Greetings Writers!

Before I start, have any of you ever felt like making money from writing is a myth?

Have some of you already... Given up on that hope?

If so, let me rekindle it! Today, I will debunk that limiting mindset, and show you a way to monetise your passion for writing and earn some passive income on the side for it! And yes. This applies to all types of writers, regardless of whether you write fiction or non-fiction. In fact, the method that I am going to introduce to you is so versatile to the point that you could be writing about almost any, and every topic you could think of (As long as it follows the guidelines), ranging from poetry and cooking recipes, to even book/show reviews and sports commentaries!

Now, before I reveal this method to you, do make sure to like, subscribe and share this article to your friends, or other writers who may be looking to monetise their works as well!


Now, for the big reveal…

Welcome to Vocal!

Vocal Media Logo

Vocal is a platform for all types of writers to post their works, and earn money for it! (payments by Stripe) While Vocal itself is free to use, a Vocal+ membership will effectively allow you to earn way more (By way more I mean astronomically more) than what the free membership would allow you to earn. Now, let me list out the differences for you.

On the free membership scheme, all writers are able to earn money through every read that their stories get, at a rate of $3.80 USD per 1000 reads. Writers are also able to earn from tips, although there will be a tax of 7% by Vocal (Boo...I hate taxes!), for the processing fees. You will however only be able to withdraw your earnings once you reach $35.

On the other hand, the Vocal+ membership allows members to earn $6 USD per 1000 reads, and there will be a lower taxation rate of 2.9% on tips! Members are also able to withdraw their earnings at $20. (Much better!) Additionally, you would also be able to earn a wide array of cash prizes (up to $600 USD) on just one post, by winning the exciting writing contests that Vocal brings! This ranges from poetry contests, to story writing contests where a specific theme is given. On top of that, writers can also earn bonuses of $5 for every five posts, and $10 on their tenth posts, etc… Oh, and no one says this, but members are more likely to be selected for the weekly Top stories, which also gives you a sweet monetary bonus!

With that being said, there are a lot more other hidden ways (or rather easter eggs) in the platform that would allow you to earn as well, but this article would be too long if I were to explain everything. Therefore, I shall keep it a surprise for you, as you embark on your vocal journey. Now, for you to get a sense of how the platform works, do check out one of my posts here, and visit my profile to get a feel of how you would want to construct your own page!

If not, without further ado, get your Vocal+ membership here and start earning now! Also, if you guys have any inquiries, do voice them out in the comments section!

Writer’s notes: If you love this article and found it informative, do share it with your friends and other writers! Also, any tips are greatly appreciated. Love you guys!

If you are looking to join a community of writers, do join my discord server: The Writer’s Tavern

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