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How To Create A Vision Board To Kickstart Your 2023

Create the life of your dreams

By Katie BurnsidePublished 2 years ago 5 min read

Creating a vision board is the best and most effective way of manifesting your year and your life. You can do one for all of your dreams and goals but you can also do one for the year ahead. Last year, everything on my vision board came true, even getting a huge promotion.

Are you ready to make this the best year yet?

How to Make a Vision Board

You have to find what's effective for you. If you're a really creative person then I'd recommend buying a board and sticking things to it. It can be any board you like but make sure it speaks to you. You don't just have to buy a boring brown pinboard. Where's the joy in that? You're designing your fun and exciting year so make your board fun and exciting too.

You can also make vision boards online with sites like Canva or simply just using a blank word document and adding pictures and notes to that.


Pinterest is also a great place for creating a vision board. With Pinterest you can create multiple boards so I would use this for all of your life goals. Create a board for each area of your life and add images that represent what you want. You can even add quotes. If you're stuck for categories you could have; career, house, travel, health and family and a lot more.

Getting in the Zone

Being in the right mood when making your board is vital because you don't want to be giving it bad energy. It should be created with love and passion for what's about to come.

My top tips for helping you set the scene:

  1. Light a smelly candle
  2. Make a hot chocolate or cup of tea
  3. Do a two-minute meditation to clear your mind of doubt and negativity
  4. Make sure you have all your coloured highlighters, stickers, sticky notes, picture cut-outs and anything else you're wanting to put on there ready
  5. Sit down and get creative
  6. Oh, and make sure to close your door. This is time for you and you alone, no interruptions please!

Why Having a Clear Head is so Important

Clearing your mind of any intrusive negative thoughts or doubts is so important because bringing that bad energy to the room will halt your dreams from happening. You need to really believe that these goals will come true.

That doesn't mean you should put small goals down. You should absolutely be dreaming big. The world is yours and you can do anything with it so please believe that.

"Dreams would never have been given to us if we weren't meant to achieve them."

This is a quote I live by. It's from a book I read but I can't remember the name, this quote has stuck with me ever since. You should live by it too.

Vision boards should be created with courage and be absolutely wild. If you are just going to put down the things you know are definitely going to happen this year then a vision board is pointless. The point of a vision board is to visualise your life a year from now and then write down everything you see.

If you want to buy a house but don't have enough for a deposit put it on your vision board. If you really want to buy a house visualise yourself buying one then write it down. If you believe in it, it will come true. Don't think about the how just focus on it being your reality and it'll happen.

Nothing will come true on your vision board if you don't truly believe that it will. You have to believe in it without a shadow of a doubt and not worry about how it will happen. Just know that the universe will align to figure out how to give you everything you want. The universe has your back.

What to Put on your Vision Board

I'd recommend categories again. So have a section for career, family, friends, home, partner etc. Nothing is off-limits. Create it unique to you. Putting dreams on there is great but remember to put down all your goals too, even the small ones.

If you're wanting to start running write down a little plan on your board that will motivate you. It can be as simple as running once a week every week of the year. Want to jump out of a plane, learn to drive and read 12 books? Write it all down.

Also include quotes on your board. Quotes are really helpful as they can also be your affirmations.

"Make your story the best in the world."

"Just because things could've been different doesn't mean they would've been better."

Those are two quotes that are on my vision board and it really makes a difference to my life. Waking up and reading them every morning sets a positive tone for the day.

Pictures are really important as they help you visualise your future. Browse online or on Pinterest and find the pictures that show what you want and align with who you are. Print them out and stick them on your board.

Creating a vision board now doesn't mean you're stuck with it for the year. You can add to it whenever you want or change something that might not align with who you are anymore. We're all growing every single day so some of the things on your board might not appeal to you three months from now and that's okay. Things change and it's okay to change your mind. As long as you're not changing it because you don't believe it'll happen anymore.

I also like to write my goals on sticky notes so that when I have completed them I can just take them off the board. Then it makes room for new goals. That's how you can keep adding to it if it's full.

What to do With your Completed Board

So you've finished your vision board, what do you do now?

Once you have your completed board I recommend you hang it up somewhere where you can see it every day. It's healthy to look at your board daily but don't obsess over it. Obsessing over it can cause you to block the things on there from happening. If you do start to obsess put the board away and forget about it. Then at the end of the year have a look and see what came true because I bet it all does.

Sometimes forgetting about it is best for us but if you like looking at it put it somewhere you can see it so you can be proud of it and pretend all this stuff has already happened for you. That is the best form of manifestation.

I know a woman who really wanted a baby girl so she bought some pink baby clothes and hung them up in her bedroom where she could see them every single day. At her 16-week scan, she was told she was having twin girls! It's amazing what we can manifest if we believe in it enough!

DREAM BIG and don't be afraid!! Dreams are meant to be scary. If you're not scared then your dreams are too small.

Please let me know in the comments how you get on making yours!

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