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How to Be Happy

by Salina Lehn 4 years ago in happiness
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Beginner's Guide for Loving Life

What is happiness? Is it when you pet your dog or see your kids? Is it when you are giving to people in need? Or is it when you are eating your fave dessert?

To be honest... happiness is a feeling brought upon you that makes you smile uncontrollably. So it’s pretty much anything you do that makes you happy. But how do you control it?

Here’s the answer: YOU! You are the only one that can control the happiness going on in your life.

You are having a terrible day. How do you bring it back to a state of happiness? I’m going to give you some pointers.

1. Force yourself to smile!

Try it! It really does work! Smiling at others is contagious. It makes others smile back at you which will bring a feeling of happiness to you.

2. Be thankful!

Showing gratitude towards things in life that you have in your life is always key when self reflecting. It can start with the little things such as being thankful you get to go to work every day to bring home a paycheck. Or being thankful to get another hug from the one you love because one day that might not be there.

3. Dancing!

Dancing! Sounds silly but sometimes dancing around or shaking your booty can make life a little more joyful! No one can be mad while you are shaking your heinie! Let’s get real! ;)

4. Expressing Love

Sometimes letting someone know how you feel or giving them all you got can turn around a terrible day. When you show love most times you get it back.

5. You gotta give a little to get a little!

Even if it’s something so little such as a penny on the ground given to a child (heads up of course!), you made that person’s day! One thing that gets the happiness going in me is when I help out with a charity or give to someone in need!

6. Vent with a solution!

This is a rule that I follow. If you are going to vent about issues in your life, you have to follow it up with a solution. Write it down! Trust me you will feel more accomplished when doing this!

7. Eat some sweets!

This is my fave! There’s nothing better than indulging in a tub of ice cream or some amazing homemade chocolates! Treat yourself sometimes, even if it is something other than sweets like a fave lipgloss or truck part.

8. Find a hobby!

Doing things that you love will make life enjoyable. Life’s too short to never have fun! Go for that hike or bake that cake. Do the things that you love!

Happiness is contagious! The happier a person is the happier the people around them will be! Make every encounter with someone impressionable. You will be surprised by what you will find :)


About the author

Salina Lehn

I am a single mom of three beautiful kids. Love to write in my free time on things going on or that have happened in my lifetime. Hope you enjoy!

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