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How to be a great companion to your friends

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By mamagee gazaliPublished 3 months ago 6 min read
How to be a great companion to your friends
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presently I'm certain you are now an extraordinary companion yet there's consistently opportunity to get better right for that reason today we will discuss how to be a superior companion this is the kind of thing I've been attempting to do of late accomplish more up in light of the fact that I believe I'm a very old buddy now I love my companions and I needed to be the closest companion that I can be to them so I was like how might I improve to improve my fellowships so I can show up for them all the more so I can truly ensure that I'm being the dearest companion that I can be

I've attempted every one of the means and forfeited a ton yet I came to acknowledge companions aren't so much for me

the principal thing that we can do to be a superior companion isn't turning the discussion on to ourselves and by this I mean when we pose them an inquiry like how have you been of late or how was your day today and they begin talking and they say gracious you realize it's been extraordinary that is not and afterward they offer something that really connects with you and something that you're similar to goodness I had that too as opposed to saying goodness my golly me as well

like I have that equivalent experience something almost identical and afterward going thinking about something else about yourself just let them finish what they were talking about let them finish out about their day about the experience they're educating you regarding without interfering with and turning the discussion to yourself great this is so natural to do and I figure the I do this a ton and it's something I'm attempting to be far more aware of in light of the fact that it's sort of discourteous when you they're attempting to let you know something and you stop them and say me as well or definitely I did that as well or a listen this encounter I have me me just let them finish it they need to say and afterward after they're finished

perhaps they'll ask you their chance around and say how was your day or what have you been doing recently and afterward you can discuss yourself

the second thing we can do to improve as a companion is be sympathetic and be empathetic perhaps they had an unpleasant day or going through a truly difficult time they're educating you regarding the battles and the preliminaries that they're going through perhaps you can't thoroughly connect with them and perhaps you assume you have truly a word of wisdom for them first point I would make to do is allowed them to get done and don't attempt to fix their concern don't propose this counsel that they're not asking you for it in light of the fact that perhaps you would rather not prompt they simply maintain that you should truly tune in so perhaps you can tune in and say I'm grieved that you're going through this I can't by and by envision what might be like relate however I feel for yourself and I'm hanging around for you something straightforward like that as opposed to attempting to fix their concern or rather than attempting to concoct an ideal arrangement

third thing we can do to be a superior companion is investigate your companions for instance frequently I'll simply be going over the course of my day doing my normal stuff and one of my companions will it jump into my head thoroughly out of nowhere and I'm similar to that is the reason I'm thinking

I simply contemplated that my gracious perhaps I should message them and perceive how they're doing as such while I have that irregular idea I send a fast message hello I was pondering you since I was I trust you're doing great we ought to get together soon only a basic speedy message like that and I believe that is a truly effective method for being an old buddy since it shows that you are contemplating them it shows that you truly care about them and it's something worth talking about

who could do without to get a pleasant well disposed text from your companion sometimes I don't realize I do and I'm certain that your companions would as well

fourth thing that we can do to be a superior companion isn't being on our telephone it is so natural to get with your companions or at the gathering and everybody simply goes to their gadget this happens constantly however something you can chip away at to be a superior companion is leaving that to the side and assuming they're having a discussion with you as opposed to being on your telephone and mm-gee definitely cool like looking over or accomplishing something on your telephone while they're conversing with you it doesn't cause it them to feel like you're really listening goodness you truly tend to think about what they're referring to so set your telephone to the side look at them without flinching and focus on them

the fifth thing we can do to be a superior companion is be straightforward with them assuming they pose you an inquiry whether it's about their outfit about how they act in a specific circumstance in the event that they're similar to does this look genuinely terrible or was I sort of heard that individual as opposed to letting them know what they need to hear which is perhaps gracious you look perfect or no you weren't discourteous like they just misinterpreted you be straightforward with them you need to be that companion that they realize they can go to and get truly legit criticism and exhortation from on the grounds that you don't be that bread that simply lets them know all that they need to hear you need to be that companion that lets them know what they truly need to hear to assist them with improving as an individual too

the last thing I need to discuss today with how to be a superior companion is simply ask plunk down with your companions and say hello I've been making a solid attempt to be a superior companion of late how might I be a superior companion to you what is it that you want for me for me to be that extraordinary companion to you and see what they need to say perhaps we have some extraordinary criticism for you on how you can be a superior companion to them it doesn't damage to ask as a matter of fact it very well may be a truly sound thing and even assist with building your fellowship significantly more grounded in light of the fact that you're asking those are the tips

I needed to cover this with how to be a superior companion I trust that you begin to apply them today let me in on in the remarks underneath which tip is your number one that you frequently wind up doing one that you will begin doing or and so on let me in on in the control center gracious and I trust that you begin to improve as a companion today for those magnificent individuals.

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