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Be a Morning Person

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If you're anything like me, mornings are a no go. I hate waking up early... well, let me rephrase. It is soooooo hard for me to wake my brain up in the morning, and get into a good mood. Later on in the day I am thanking myself for getting up that early, because I was able to get so much accomplished, but getting motivated when my eyes first open, and it's before eight AM? Count it dead. Not happening. Try again later. BUT I HAVE FOUND A WAY TO GET THERE, granted some days are harder than most, but if you want to know how I conquered my mornings keep on reading:

1. Drink water, not only when you wake up every morning, but before you go to sleep as well.

Let me tell you something, okay; I would drink a glass of water as soon as I woke up every single day for months, even added lemon, but I did not feel a difference in myself until I added the glass before bed as well. Don't ask me what it does, because I don't know, but what I do know, is that shit works.

2. Don't touch your phone for at least 30 minutes when you wake up.

Yes, I know this is said for before bed, and that is because of the blue light in our phone screens being proven to keep us awake longer, but try it in the morning too. For just one day don't touch your phone as soon as you wake up. Be selfish for once, plan your day, set goals, do a little yoga or journaling, anything but sit on your phone worrying about what everyone else has going on in their lives. Let me know how you feel after trying it for just one day, I bet it's AMAZING.

3. Yoga or meditation is great for anyone with depression or anxiety (it's great even for those without it).

I have battled with both of these all my life. I find that yoga is better for the days depression tries to get the better of me, and meditation is my go to anxiety grabs hold of my chest. Yoga is great for getting blood flowing with controlled breathing. Meditation is great for self reflection and getting to know your breathing.

4. Text/call a loved one.

When I call my mom, or my friend Taylor I can physically feel my mood lifting, and the tone for the day setting in. As long as you surround yourself with good vibes, you'll hardly ever feel stressed or lost.

5. Always plan your day before you start it.

If you make a list of everything you have to get done, and check each item off as you go, I promise you with every check mark you'll feel more and more proud, and accomplished.

I hope this helped get some ideas flowing up there. Leave a comment below with any morning rituals you do to help keep you going! And if you ever feel alone, email me: [email protected]

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