almost 23, aspiring cosmetologist and blogger, still trying to get my shit together but it’s getting there so i guess that’s cool :-)

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The Beginner's Guide to the No-Makeup Look
9 days ago
Ladies, let's be honest. There are days when we don't have time to put on a full face of makeup. Some days we just don't feel like doing all that. So I have gathered every possible tip and trick to cr...
How to Get and Stay Organized
12 days ago
We all want to be organized, but for some it is harder. If that just so happens to be you, I’ve got the perfect thing for you. All the tips you will need to not only organize your home, but your life....
17 Self Discovery Journal Prompts
16 days ago
Honestly, if I kept every journal I've ever filled, it would probably be enough to fill a decent-sized closet. I've always kept one, I feel incomplete without something to write in. I want you to do m...
Must Haves for This Summer
18 days ago
It is going to be a hot ass summer, and the last thing we need is letting that affect our summer fun. Well, not this year! We've got a short and sweet post today, straight to the point. For everything...
TOP 10 Broke Girl Adventures
22 days ago
Let’s be real, summer is approaching with quickness, okay, okay. Some of us (me AF) are awful at saving money. So here it is summer—almost—and I’m kicking myself in the ass because I wasn’t strict on ...
How To:
a month ago
If you're anything like me, mornings are a no go. I hate waking up early... well, let me rephrase. It is soooooo hard for me to wake my brain up in the morning, and get into a good mood. Later on in t...