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Embrace Your Age

No Matter the Number

By #KristinaWritesPublished 22 days ago 3 min read

Growing old certainly does not need to be disheartening. Quite often, many people look forward to their senior years. No matter how difficult or how unpleasant the aging process may appear. There are so many different things to look forward to as you cross another finish line into another year of life. Below are just a few things to look forward to! I am sure you will have some of your own to add to this list.


As you age you can harbor a sense of accomplishment. Own that sense of pride. Simply because you completed aspects in life that you or others may have thought you never would. These are phenomenal feats that are worthy of celebration. It may range from completing a degree or completing a career. Whatever the accomplishment is; small, medium, or large; celebrate it.



It may seem like a little thing; however, cashing in on a senior discount can be pretty huge. This is something that you have literally lived for. Senior discounts can be as small as a couple of cents on a restaurant's menu to several percentages on a vehicle or a large purchase. Regardless of the amount of savings; if you are entitled to it, then cash in on it.


This is not a trait that can be taught. But rather it is a trait that must be learned. It is said that some seniors are stodgy or mean simply because they are older. However, this is not always true. In fact, seniors have actually harbored a better sense of social skills than their younger counterparts simply because they have "been there and done that". Seniors realize that it is a difficult world out there for the younger world right now. It is not easy living. Because of this, they offer a great amount of slack.


This is very close to the previously stated trait. However, the biggest difference is that seniors know what the outcome is going to be in a situation. Because of this, they are happy and willing to alter the situation to avoid a negative outcome. This is not always true for the younger generation. The younger generation is a "live right now" type of generation. And quite often the outcome of a situation is not thought out.


Once someone graces the presence of senior age this is the ideal time to volunteer. There may very well be more time available if work has been cut back. So downtime does not turn into numb time. Try to fill those pockets by helping other people. Quite often city centers, libraries, and activity centers ask for senior volunteers. They seek out senior volunteers because they know that there is a higher level of tolerance under their embrace.


In conclusion, there are so many different points to look forward to when your age creeps up one more year to senior citizenship. Not only are you able to live a happier and more laid-back lifestyle but if you add grandchildren into the mix; there is no turning back from happiness! Grandchildren are by far on the top of the list of what to look forward to when you are a senior. There is a popular saying, "Never have children, only grandchildren". This is very true for many people. And what is even greater is the fact that if you did not have bio-children yourself then you will not have bio-grandchildren. But that means nothing in this day and age. Seniors openly adopt grandchildren from every walk of life. And the great thing is they are welcomed and logged with open arms.

Until Next Time.


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  • Ken Nordby22 days ago

    I can't have any discounts yet but I'm embracing my age and all the fun! Celebrating the little things ❤️ :)

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