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Einstein Wasn’t Smart — He Understood Life!

Did you know that after studying Albert Einstein’s brain, they found nothing special about it?

By Annelise Lords Published 3 months ago 5 min read
Image by Annelise Lords

“Lately everything Sherly, Joni, Paul and I asked of you we get a negative response,” Simon argues with Lilian. “You are changing.”

With popped eyes rising from her laptop around her desk, Lilian said with sarcasm, “Oh my God, you noticed!”

“You are not funny,” he said. “We don’t like the new you.”

“I like me,” she notified. “I change because I have nowhere else to put the pain that all four of you have been inflicting upon my generosity, my life, my home and everything else I do for years.”

His eyes popped and he said, “you could have said no.”

“And all of you could have used a conscience. Be understanding and return the kindness you get instead of taking advantage of me,” Lillian tossed at him.

“You are kind, we have never met anyone like you,” Simon compliments.

“You all owe me and refuse to pay me,” she argues.

“You don’t ask us for it. That’s five years ago,” he protests.

“Have I ever borrowed anything from any of you for all the years we have been friends?” Lillian asked glaring at him.

Her question sends his brain far back into their past.

“Go back to Elementary school?” she suggested.

His eyes widened, and then he blinked as his memory was fed. “Damn!” he said under his breath.

Lillian heard him, glared at him on the rim of anger, and then questioned, “And why do you think I never did?”

His eyes danced around in their sockets while she awaited his answer.

“You hate to borrow and beg?” he asked.

“You all didn’t give me a chance to ask anything of you. You played the poverty card and the victim role right up to college.”

His eyes expanded a little more.

She went on, “Now you are living it. You play it so well you don’t know any other ways to live, even with a cushy high-paying job .”

He grabbed a deep breath and Lillian added more.

“All four of you are among the highest paid employees in this company. Yet you live from paycheck to paycheck. Save nothing, owe everyone and is never out of debt,” Lillian threw out.

“That’s the part I don’t get,” Christine, one of their co-workers that they owe and refused to lend them another cent jumps in. “We are less educated but smarter than you.”

Nodding, Lillian said, “I am not smarter than them.”

“Say what!” Simon and Christine said in unison.

“You own your own home and vehicle. Have no credit card, or any debts! Not even student loans or mortgage and your parents were poor,” Christine compliments Lillian.

Nodding again, Lillian educates, “Did you know that after Albert Einstein’s brain was studied, they found nothing super special about it. In fact, it was smaller than the average brain.”

Image by Annelise Lords

Simon and Christine’s eyes swayed left and right without any movement

of their heads.

“But he was considered to be super smart,” Simon said.

“Yeah,” Christine agreed. “He was a genius.”

“Not according to his brain,” Lillian said.

“They made a mistake,” Simon adds.

“You guys think I am smart?” Lillian asked.

“Smarter than most people I know, yes,” they agreed.

“Like Einstein, I understood life and living. I understood poverty and wealth. Love and hate. Kindness and cruelty. Wisdom and folly. War and peace. Life and death. I understand that my actions, choices, and decisions influence fate and destiny, and change can be a valuable asset. Life taught me that the right words at the right time, can be nourishment for the body mind, and soul. Life and pain became my teacher, because life isn’t only about winning. We all win and lose.”

Their eyes expanded so wide they blinked as their upper bodies eased closer toward her unconsciously. Lillian continues to enlighten,

“I know how to use my imagination and other life-saving actions as a tool to improve my life. I am aware that the truth depends on which side you are on and how you benefit from it. I know the power and value in my negative and positive thoughts and actions. I understand that balance must have its say and gratitude must be given for good and bad. I understand humanity and why our world is the way it is. I understood how life should be lived to give me what I want from it. We are not as smart as you think. We just understood life and living more than you! We learn from life and your actions, choices, decisions and thinking!”

I was told that I was smart. I don’t think that I am as smart as you think I am. I understand life more than most of the people I know. I know how to live among all kinds of people in peace. I know what to do to achieve my level of success and keep it. I am aware of how life should be lived for me to survive in our world. I am aware that I can’t control life, sometimes, not even my own. With a good and clear understanding of life, I can live the world I want without direct harm to anyone. Life and pain became my teacher. I study the lives, actions, choices, and decisions of everyone I know and read about.

I understand that I don’t know everything, and I must keep learning mode on always because Knowledge is never enough!


Do you understand life? Or are you just smart?

Thank you for reading this piece. I hope you enjoyed it.

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