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Cheers To New 2021 Resolutions

by Chelsea Swift about a month ago in goals

Simple ways to practice intention, wellness, and peace this year.

Goodbye 2020, hello 2021!

As I move into a new year, humble, (humbled is an understatement) hopeful (always), and energetic (have we met?), I want to share a few of my new year's resolutions that I am looking to embody as a person and add to my routine.

Like many of you, each year, I start out with a 30 day challenge to self, in hopes to “kick the year off right”.

From booty workouts to plant based diets, I was always trying to apply “more” health by forcing myself into a new diet and exercise routine.

However, through experience, I’ve come to recognize that 30 day challenges only last for 30 days (and for good reason) and forcing myself to do anything unloving or unkind is no way of life or wellness.

As the packed gyms will tell us, we all have the same idea when it comes to health. Get on your hamster wheel, do enough situps and you’ll reach all your dreams and goals.

Absolutely no shade against anyone trying to “eat clean and train mean” but, my goals are centered around being more mindful this year; and a big part of that is not taking my unhealthy habits of achieving health into the new year.

Here are my personal 2021 new year's resolutions that I hope will bring more peace, intention, wellness, love, and prosperity into my life.

#1. Let yourself sparkle and shine

I will admit, I used to struggle with “being seen" and "being too much”, so I developed a habit of suppressing my voice and actions in fear of looking “silly”.

As I’m sure many people can relate, no one wants to be embarrassed or seen as “too weird”, “too funny” or “too out there”, so I used to hold myself back a lot, in a lot of ways and in a lot of different areas.

To kick off 2021, I’ve decided I'm letting myself, be myself, for myself and embracing my weirdness along the way.

My hope is by letting myself sparkle and shine, I allow my true voice to be heard without taking it personal if someone doesn’t "like me" or approve of me, because I accept who I am, just the way that I am. Flaws and all.

“It's not your job to like me, it's mine."

#2. Practice forgiveness

It’s easy to forgive others, but do you forgive yourself? Or maybe it’s easy to forgive yourself but you hold a grudge against others?

Lately, I have realized that happiness is an inside job and the real work is done through spiritual practices, like letting it all go through the act of forgiveness.

In order to fully forgive myself and others each day, I must let go, forgive, accept, allow, and apply compassion; which is truly, easier said than done and that’s why it made my list!

In short, I hope to release the burdens of the past in order to be a more mindful and receptive person by easily forgiving.

The positive benefits of forgiveness on your mental and physical health include the following:

  • decreased blood pressure
  • lessened feelings of anxiety and stress
  • lessened feelings of aggression
  • decreased symptoms of depression
  • improved heart condition

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#3. Practice Qigong in the morning

Last year, I began practicing “mindful mornings" by praying, stretching, journaling, practicing yoga, and taking a quiet moment (with no electronics) to set my intention each day.

In an effort to take this early morning practice a step further, I’ve found Qigong. It’s similar to yoga, a very simple, slow motion morning routine that helps stabilize the energy in your body for a more positive day ahead.

“Qigong can harmonise, strengthen, and have a healing effect on the functioning of all the internal organs and bodily systems. It increases the supply and flow of energy throughout the body, can have a variety of rejuvenating effects and is believed to increase longevity, and it induces calm mental and emotional states.” - Quote by:

#4. Begin a 30 day challenge that focuses on overall strength (not just my booty flex)

I mentioned that I used to start each year with a new exercise routine or diet plan to “challenge” myself physically; but I’ve found that when I apply a true purpose behind my actions, I always yield better results.

Before I picked a health focused challenge, I asked myself a simple question: Am I doing this out of love or am I doing this out of fear?

Instead of mindlessly Googling the first couch to 5k challenge, I decided to set an intentional goal, which was: “I want to feel healthy and strong”.

From there, I set a 30 day yoga core challenge that focuses on building strength from a mind, body, and soul perspective.

I am currently on day 14 and I feel stronger physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually; not to mention, I actually love what I am doing!

#5. Find more balance

Instead of kick starting the month by participating in dry January, I decided to find more balance in what I consider to be “bad” and “good” through moderation in all things consumption.

I now know that being extreme with anything, including the "healthy things" makes me feel really unbalanced.

Too much exercise makes me feel tired and sore, too much water makes me bloated, too much alcohol gives me a headache and makes me wish I was in my bed all day, too much social media can make me feel lonely or even judgemental; so this year is all about finding my wellness balance by being mindful of my daily choices and applying moderation.

So far, balance is realizing that two glasses of wine is the perfect amount, a quick 10 minute break to catch up with friends on social media is refreshing and looking forward to watching my favorite series on Netflix with my fiance, doesn’t make me “less productive” - it makes me happy and it makes me feel balanced after a long day of work.

#6. Give up the “do-do-do” attitude

As someone who is considered to be highly productive, I find myself leaning away from this “do-go-be-conquer” mentality.

I remember a time when being successful, having a lot of things and making a lot of money was my main focus in life. But, as each year passes, I realize my life is here and now, in the precious moments, and not out there on some “to-do” list.

I’ve also found peace in the “mundane of everyday” by just slowing down when I do the dishes, taking my time at the grocery store, and letting the car ahead of me cut in front.

I guess my point is, if I rush through life, I'll miss it and I don’t ever want to look back knowing I missed it by trying to force my to-do list that day.

Letting go of my "all or nothing" attitude and simply staying present with what's happening right now is something I hope to continue in 2021 and beyond.

#7. Focus on simply being happy every single day

There’s so many things I could write down that would “make me happy”.

A bucket list, a series of experiences, maybe even qualities I’d like to possess, but the real flex is just being happy right now and not putting it off into the future.

My ultimate dream is to do what I love and love what I do, so I am making a conscious effort to just focus on being happy and letting the cards fall where they may.

I'm also realizing happiness is the path to real, healthy, sustainable success and I’ve decided to embrace it, by embracing wellness in a new way and applying more heart in my everyday actions with intention and purpose.

Happy 2021 everyone! I hope by sharing my mindful resolutions, they inspire you to set some intentional practices for yourself this year!

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Chelsea Swift
Chelsea Swift
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