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Can't find the direction of life? Try these two directions Part 1

how to find the direction of life?

By Be Inspired - Be MotivatedPublished 4 months ago 6 min read

After graduating from college, I started working for a few years, and when my life gradually became stable, I found an empty space in my heart, and suddenly I felt like I couldn't find my way. There are also many times when we are busy looking for the direction of our life. This situation is like floating and sinking in the sea, grabbing a random, as long as we catch a floating board, even if the floating board is actually someone else's lost shoes, it is neither suitable for us, nor is it suitable for us. The direction you are looking for is completely different.

In fact, maybe we went wrong at the beginning, not because we couldn’t find the direction, but because the concept at the beginning was wrong, so that every next step went wrong?

If you are faced with the following situations, this article will help you to clarify the concepts before finding your life direction:

→ You who don’t know what to do

→ You who want to change but don’t know where to start

→ Constantly You who try but always stumble along the way

I have also been lost in not finding the direction of my life. After stumbling around, I found that everyone wants different things. Instead of spending time looking for the wrong direction in life, why not stop first, think about what you like and find the right one for you way to go?

The goal of the "ideal life" that is echoed by others is usually not what you really want. Wherever there is a wind, you will only end up in a dead end. In this article, I will share with you two concepts on how to find the direction that suits you.

So I think that before finding the direction of life, you must first "accept yourself", learn to accept your own strengths and weaknesses , understand what you are good at and what you lack, and then find your life goal to go steadily and far. Because no one knows yourself better than you, instead of spending time asking others what suits you, you should spend time asking yourself: What do I like? Is there anything I've always wanted to do but haven't been able to do for some reason?

Check out the following stories:

Story one:

Accepting yourself and allowing your imperfect self to exist is also an ability to discover your own expertise

Michelle's grades have always been good. Although she is quiet, she is also loved by her teachers. At a primary school graduation ceremony, the teacher recommended her as one of the candidates for cross talk performances. She regularly conducts rehearsal and body language exercises with her partner and instructor every day. I was looking forward to this performance, but the moment I stood on the stage, I was speechless!

With an empty head, Michelle looked at the audience under the stage, her palms began to sweat, her feet began to tremble, her partner kept prompting the next line of dialogue, but she couldn't say it. Next, Michelle broke down and cried on the stage. In the end, she could only take out the speech and read it, and hastily ended the cross talk performance.

After this experience, Michelle knew that she was afraid to speak in front of the crowd. She didn't feel useless because of this, but accepted herself like this.

Knowing what you are not good at is not avoiding it, but accepting it is with you and focusing on what you are good at.

During her college days, she couldn't avoid speaking on stage and speaking in front of everyone. In group cooperation, Michelle took the initiative to carry out the most annoying task of searching for information and organizing presentations for everyone. Even though her language skills were poor, she was very good at writing. She often revises the speeches for her classmates, which also makes her classmates very willing to take on the task of reporting on the stage for her.

After entering the workplace, Mi Xue, who is good at analysis and data collation, put her expertise into use in her work. She patiently analyzed the cumbersome and heavy work projects and divided them into feasible projects. The department that was originally despised by everyone was reorganized into a systematic and efficient department, and the newcomers who came in later also had a systematic project flow chart to make the work easier to get started.

Focus on what you are good at, you don't need to envy others' eloquence,

accept yourself, and then you can find your own life direction.

There are always imperfections in accepting people. People who are born with humor that everyone loves will also have the shortcomings of being too stubborn that everyone hates.

There is nothing difficult about accepting your strengths, but accepting your weaknesses and allowing them to be with you.

Many people can't accept their own shortcomings, and then deny it, and even try desperately to change it, after experiencing repeated setbacks, it will only make people feel that life is so difficult!

Everyone has something they are good at, and in simple terms it is something that is not too hard to do and can be done well. You may think you can do it, and so can others (because I think so too).

I remember that in a writing class in elementary school, the teacher said that the class must be finished in 45 minutes before leaving the class. When I got the topic and returned to my seat, I filled up two pages of manuscript paper and handed it in. I was so hungry that I naturally rushed to the welfare agency to buy something to eat.

Later, when the teacher came back with the essay, my essay was praised and posted on the class bulletin board. I, who have always been at the back of the crane, tasted the first time I was praised.

At that moment, I realized that I am good at writing content creation. Whenever my friends ask me for help on how to write, I can help them understand how to write in the most simple and clear way, and I like writing more and more .

Try to think back, what did you do when you were a kid that was praised? What is it that you can do easier and better than others?

Maybe you, like Michelle, are not very good in oral expression, but the written description is very strong, and you are also very good at organizing information.

You may be very logical, and you can think faster and more complete than others about the order of things.

Instead of spending time on things that don't work for you; instead, spend your time doing things you're good at, which can make you do more with less.

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