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All Life Is Precious

All Life is Created To Thrive and Has Needs!!

By Diane Mary MarkeyPublished 4 months ago 5 min read
All Life Is Precious
Photo by Damon On Road on Unsplash

Another miracle of life, the photo was taken by Mate Molnar from

Life is very precious for every living being in this world, whether small or big. Every creature that has life has a purpose to it. Life is precious as it is so fleeting.

Adapt yourself to the things among which your lot has been cast and love sincerely the fellow creatures with whom destiny has ordained that you shall live. Marcus Aurelius

Every man and every living creature has a sacred right to the gladness of springtime. Leo Tolstoy

All life is created to love and be loved!

All life has a purpose: to live, give birth and survive!

All life on our unique Home, Earth, requires sunlight, water and air to survive.

Consider the diversity of life here in this unique and wonderful world. From ants scurrying around either on the ground or high in the treetops. To the magnificent and huge African tusked elephant. And everything that comes between. All plants, insects, fungi and animals are alive. Each is dependent on the same basic needs.

As far as scientists have discovered with all their technological wizardry. Earth, here and now, is the only place that has these basics. Therefore, Earth is the only place in the entire universe that can and does sustain life.

God the Creator using His divine love as His tool created these basic ingredients. Created these basic needs for the survival of all life in the entire universe, here on Earth.

These basic needs — Sunlight. Now, I am amazed at this. If our planet wasn’t in its precise ecliptical orbit that it is. Life would not exist. Any closer and we would fry. Any further and we would freeze. And our magical magnetic field. Miraculous to say the least. It shields us from the sun’s killing radiation.

So, yes all life needs sunlight.

Magnificent and amazing! All life receives just the right amount of sunlight for its needs. Not too much, not too little.

Trees grow through the densest rainforest to capture their needed sunlight to survive.

The photo was taken by Paulius Dragunas from

It is not only the light from the sun that provides life. It is also our provider of natural heat.

When a reptile awakens from a night’s slumber, it lingers on a warm rock in the sunlight to raise its body temperature. Before venturing out onto another brand new day.

It has been proven that since the beginning of life all living things need the heat from the sun. The sun is our planet’s natural heat source. Allowing all creatures to survive. Again, not too much, not too little.

Another miracle is performed by our star, our life-giving sun. That which is completely astounding. The sun is our motor for our water cycle. The heat from our sun causes evaporation from our oceans, rivers and lakes. This vapour rises into our atmosphere. Where it forms beautiful and diverse clouds. At the right height and the temperature, it returns to the ground as rain, hail, sleet or snow. Did I say miracle? Do you agree?

This is a never-ending cycle. The rain returns to the waterways, evaporates once more and then falls back.

Wait there is more! The wind. It can be either a gentle breeze blowing through your hair or a destructive tornado. Even the wind would be non-existent without the sun in its right place. How so? Because the heating of our beautiful home isn’t perfect. These imperfections cause the winds. Well, I never. So being imperfect at times is okay. The Finger of God is fine-tuning the air that flows around our Home.

Water-All living things from the microscopic bacteria to the largest creature to have ever existed-the giant Blue Whale need water to survive.

Even in the dryest desert, there is life-sustaining water. And life has adapted over millennia to survive in such places. Antarctica is known as the frozen continent, it too sustains life. Life again has adapted. Water may be frozen but it is still present.

Besides the obvious life-giving attributes of water. The oceans are our thermostats. Because seventy per cent of our planet is covered by water it absorbs summer heat and releases it again in winter.

Can you imagine our world without water? It would quickly become another Mars. There is no place I would like to live.

Oxygen-People, animals and plants need to breathe. Most living beings need oxygen to exist. Now I have something again to be marvelled at.

Trees through the process of photosynthesis use sunlight to create their own food. Pretty awesome, yes? This is where they breathe in carbon dioxide gas and breathe out life-giving oxygen.

Well, I hope mankind does not cut down too many more trees. I feel this miraculous process-photosynthesis- is essential for all life. Plus, all trees are beautiful.

Just by existing. Just by being. Trees liberate our life-giving oxygen and store within themselves poisonous carbon dioxide gas. After all, it was too much carbon dioxide gas that caused the runaway climate crisis for Mars.

The photo was taken by Chris Briggs from

Next time you take in a deep breath. Think of the trees in your local park.

Not only are they spectacularly beautiful. Each one. Each tree exhaled the oxygen needed for you to breathe and live. A few silent words of thanks are quite necessary here, I feel.

What else is necessary for life. The freedom to exist. The freedom to exist without fear. I am not speaking here of the fear of natural predators.

I am speaking here of the unknown fear that the natural realm faces from mankind.

The freedom to breed. Each living creature has the right to bear its young in peace. To raise their young with enough food and shelter. To raise their families without fear of man’s cages.

The freedom of birds to fly. The freedom not to be used by man to hunt or fish at the end of a rope. The freedom to fly and not to be kept for a lifetime in a cage.

Through greed, neglect and the removal of natural habitats animals are facing starvation and extinction.

Animals, all animals have the right to live and thrive.

Mankind was designed to be their guardians, not their masters.

Have we not learned that we destroy them at our own peril? When is enough, enough? We can no longer claim ignorance.

I no longer switch on free television channels. My heart aches for what we have done to these innocent ones. Polar bears are so amazing, they are starving. Climate change has melted the ice they need for hunting. We cannot re-freeze it.

God in all His wisdom gave Man guardianship over the Earth.

I truly believe that it is not too late. If we all take action. Each in our own way. God will plant in your heart and soul what He wishes.

All animals are crying out for our help.

Looking into the tender eyes of a Humb Back whale is the eyes of love. Stop the slaughter. You and I can stop the killing together.

In the meantime, dear on, love the animals in your care. They also are God’s creations. They also sing their love for God.

All life is precious. It has the right to live free.

All life requires sunlight, water and air to survive.

All life is created to love and be loved.

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