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A Valuable Interview with Ayodeji Awosika, Top Writer

Ayodeji is an educator, digital marketer, and a top writer, followed by 94K readers on Medium, and actively participates in multiple social media platforms.

By Dr Mehmet YildizPublished about a year ago 9 min read
Image courtesy of Ayodeji Awosika with permission to use

In this post, I'd like to share an interview that I conducted with Ayodeji Awosika to introduce him to my audience on Medium and other platforms. He is a top writer on multiple topics on Medium.

I have followed Ayodeji since joining Medium. I enjoy his insightful and engaging content, especially on self-improvement topics. He writes compelling content that is read and enjoyed by millions.

His content is appealing to me as he reflects on his life lessons giving readers valuable perspectives and motivating them to take action to improve their living conditions.

His insightful content, engaging style, and growth mindset resonate with me. His stories always give me new perspectives and reinforce my beliefs.

In addition to articulating his ideas, Ayodeji also provides practical and actionable takeaway points for his audience. He is also an educator for new writers so they become successful and make money from their writing.

Furthermore, I am also grateful that Ayodeji contributes to my publication, ILLUMINATION, on Medium as a writer and guides new writers with inspiring content.

He is a role model content developer, walking his talk and sharing his knowledge generously, as he depicted in this remarkable story titled I Built Six Figure Writing Business. You Can Too. Here's How.

I also invited Ayodeji to join Vocal Media and repurpose his meaningful content on this platform.

Here is the transcript of this engaging and informative interview.

Tell us a bit about your background, Ayodeji.

I went to college for marketing, but I dropped out of school. Instead of going to class, I skipped getting drunk and high. I got arrested too.

I was the smart kid with his whole life ahead of him who messed it all up. That's when I turned to self-improvement.

I used it to improve my life and land better jobs (I worked at a marketing agency for five years even though I never got my degree).

I started sharing insights about self-improvement on social media. Then, one day, a friend asked me to write articles for his website. He must have noticed I liked to write, and that's how I got my foot in the door.

I had always been interested in writing, but he gave me the permission I never gave myself.

Why did you join Medium?

At the time, I was always looking for new websites to share my work on. One day, I was on Twitter, and I saw a writer named Jamie Varon who was talking about how her article was going crazy viral on this website called Medium.

At this point, I had trained myself to seize opportunities, so I gave Medium a shot. Unfortunately, I wrote one article that got no views.

Next, I submitted my work to a publication and got rejected. I got butt hurt about it for about a week and then tried again with a different article.

I got into the publication, and I've been writing pretty much every day and publishing on Medium ever since. This was in late 2015.

What are your core values as a writer?

First and foremost, don't lie. I saw a lot of self-help advice floating around that I didn't think was true at all. They weren't, in my opinion, telling the truth about what it took to change.

They were pulling punches, telling half-truths, and saying what they thought would resonate instead of what they actually believed. I just called a spade a spade.

It's not that you know the truth. It's that you share your truth and call it the way you see it, even if other people disagree with you.

Many writers are afraid to be polarizing and shy away from controversy, which is why no one reads their writing.

Don't try to polarize on purpose, but do share your honest opinions that happen to be polarizing.

There is too much fake content online these days. You can stand out simply by telling the truth.

Also, be yourself. A lot of writers try to adopt styles that are unnatural to them and wonder why they don't work.

I'm naturally a bit less formal and polished, more crass and aggressive than prim and proper.

If I tried to write some deep research backed by science type of articles, they'd flop because that's not the way I think.

On the other hand, there are some writers who do well by being super vulnerable and sharing the worst moments in their life.

However, others try to be too vulnerable on purpose and create this vulnerability porn kind of writing. So you're going to mimic styles initially, but eventually, you must come up with your own.

How do you connect with your readers?

I reflect their thoughts back to them using the same words they use in their own minds. This isn't as hard as most writers think it is.

Most writers struggle to connect with readers because they are way too preoccupied with themselves. They also think they have to come up with something super clever when.

In reality, most humans have the exact basic wants, needs, problems, fears, desires, hopes, and aspirations. We want to get love and acceptance from others.

We are afraid of rejection. We want recognition for our efforts. We're afraid of uncertainty. So we move toward pleasure and run from pain.

We want someone to spend our lives with. We're afraid we're not good enough to get what we actually want.

All you have to do is think about the way you think and use the same phrases you tell yourself in your own mind because that's pretty much what everyone else is thinking about.

Also, I do this thing where I just copy and paste the exact phrases I see people leave in comments and reviews. Boom!!! There's your mind-reading effect.

What are three books affecting your Life?

Right now, I am really focused on growing my writing business, so most of the things I read are about sales and marketing.

Some books that come to mind are $100 Million Dollar Offers by Alex Hormozi.

The book teaches you how to craft offers, the literal thing you'll sell to other people, and how to craft the offers in a way that makes buying your product a no-brainer decision. I've read it three times.

The next is Epxert Secrets by Russel Brunson, which teaches you how to build a business based on your knowledge. I'm currently re-reading it.

I'm also reading a book by John Wooden about leadership. He's the coach of the UCLA men's basketball team that won 88 games in a row.

Tell us about your hobbies.

I like working out, reading, hanging out with friends, and playing with my daughter.

By the way, I'm a pretty simple guy. I just work, work out, and spend time with the people I love most.

Anything where I get to learn and grow is fun for me.

Why did you join ILLUMINATION, and how did you find it so far?

I joined because I saw other writers I respect publishing on the platform.

I figured if it was good enough for them, it was good enough for me. That turned out to be a wise decision.

Many of my articles on Illumination have done very well, and the readers are very responsive and engaged, too. Kudos.

Could you please tell me what your most loved five stories published on ILLUMINATION are?

Yes, I'd be happy to do that. Most of my stories received great views, reading times, and supportive comments from readers, but these five exceeded my expectations.

  • One Habit That Helped Me Dramatically Improve My Life
  • You Only Want the Wanting
  • How to Get Your Shit Together Once and For All
  • You Only Need 4 Focused Hours of Work Per Day
  • How to Access Secret Knowledge Few Others Use and Get Smarter Faster

I am grateful for the exposure your publication create for my content on Medium. It is inspiring to see thousands of writers contribute to this unique publication.

And finally, tell us about your education program for writers.

My education program is named Medium Writing Superstars. It is a proven step-by-step to help writers earn money by writing articles readers would love to read on Medium.

The program teaches everything I've learned over the past eight years to help me make $440,000 just from writing stories on Medium.

The program comes with 25+ lessons shot in HD resolution, teaching writers how to make money writing on Medium.

It includes checklists, exercises, and step-by-step blueprints that help writers implement the lessons at their convenience.

With the 'Done for you' solutions like the Headline Vault, including 50+ plug-and-play headline styles, writers can tailor to their topics.

In addition, the Publication Black Book includes a list of Medium top publications broken down by niche and difficulty level with direct links to submission guidelines.

The program also includes the Medium Mastermind calls. On these calls, writers will be updated on Medium's evolving changes and guidelines.

In addition, I talk about the technique I see working well both from myself and other top writers on the platform.

The Medium Mastermind Group supports and creates accountability from your fellow writers to help you stay the course and give you valuable ideas, feedback, and a sense of community by being able to interact with like-minded people.

Final Words

Many thanks to Ayodeji Awosika for joining this interview and sharing valuable insights about his background generously.

I am grateful for his support of my publications by sharing his valuable stories with our loyal readers.

I took a quick look at Ayodeji's education site after the interview. I was genuinely impressed when I read inspiring testimonials from my three favorite top writers, Tim Denning, Sinem Günel, and Sean Kernan, who also contribute to my publication on Medium. I am grateful for their support, meaningful engagement, and inspiration.

Ayodeji Awosika volunteered to present a free webinar to contributors of our publications on Medium. All Medium writers are invited to this session.

The presentation's theme is “How to Make Hundreds or Thousands on Medium (Even If You’re Only Making Pennies Now).”

On Wednesday, January 11th, at 12 PM EST, Ayodeji will be hosting a free training called explaining “How to Make Money Writing With in 30 Days or Less.”

If you want to make it happen, this session can guide you.

Most new writers join Medium with excitement, only to make little to no money down the road. Opportunities for writers are endless, but only a small group of writers really earn substantial money.

Even though thousands of writers have remarkable writing skills, they have difficulty finding a desirable number of readers. We believe there are many more factors for storytelling than just having great writing skills.

Thank you for reading my perspectives. I wish you a healthy and happy life.

I share similar stories on EUPHORIA, which is my personal publication for health and well-being stories. You can subscribe to my stories. The original version of this article was published on another platform.

If you enjoy writing and storytelling, you can join Vocal as a creator to find your voice, reach out to a broad audience, and monetize your content. I also write on Medium and NewsBreak.

If you want to be a writer for my publications you can send a request via this link. My publications support 17,800+ writers.

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  • Inspiring YouTuber and Gamerabout a year ago

    Thank you for sharing this inspiring interview. I follow Ayodeji on multiple platforms and learn a lot from his insights. His stories inspire me to become a better writer and blogger.

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