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A man's reach exceeds his grasp

Or what then are stars, galaxies or space made for?

By DapoPublished 2 years ago 12 min read
4 Famous Nebulae: The Eagle, Omega, Trifid & Lagoon Nebula (NASA/JPL-Caltech)

We often say what we believe. That is how to tell what your mind is up to. Or how to know your foremost thoughts. It is this mind-space advertising spends so much to reach. It is top of the mind awareness and once they can get in, you think, feel and do what they push. It then seems like a personal or easy choice for you to buy what they sell; be it music, art, film, games, or fashion. It is a big bet for corporate media to direct your believe. However, it is by choice we all believe and sooner or later it rolls out of our mouth.

We must prove what we believe

By Jakob Owens on Unsplash

It doesn't matter if what you believe is the truth or not. It doesn't count if it is fact checked or not. It don't matter if it came off a Buddhist, Shaman, or some idiot. You may pick it off a fascist, pacifist, liberal or conservative. It only proves you can believe. However, it is necessary to prove all what we believe before wolfing it down hook-line-sinker-fisherman-boots-boat. But we never really prove or test what we believe.

We never focus on believe until...

We let 'believe' get by us. We believe so often we never notice we do. We ignore it, bypass it like a roadside signpost or a 1960s old rundown rusty playground. But it doesn't have to go unnoticed, if you care to deeply review your thoughts. What we believe comes up when we need to prove a position then we tend to use the word 'believe' to show how deeply we connect to issues.

Is our reality based on objective truth?

By Markus Spiske on Unsplash

The choice for a believe is hidden, internally crafted, definite yet non obvious. It can be a personal choice, or an adopted choice, but it is actually something learned. The choice can be subjective, objective or it is an objective certainty or subjective uncertainty. However, I do find that mankind's reality is founded mostly on more subjective truth than it is on objective truth. Or the choices that have become our reality satisfies only a few, but not most or all people. So, there is yet much reach to grasp.

What is subjective truth?

A Painting of a castle landscape study | Credit: Grzegorz Rutkowski on Deviant Art 

Art is subjective in that a viewer will experience different thoughts and emotions related to it compared to another. The subjective is based only on a persons opinion. Another example is a person who believes purple is the best color. The subjective originates in the viewer's mind or sense organs and hence it is incapable of being verified by any other. The subjective is influenced by feelings, and tastes.

However, if you accept that art has an established set of rules for creating something that's attractive, moving, and stimulating it must follow, then it must contain some objective criteria. A mix of both.

What is objective truth?

In Inception (2010), a team inserts an idea in the subject's mind which will bloom in a way to make the subject think it was his idea. The subject believes the idea that is planted which then becomes his or her reality. But, Inception is a deception, because the subject must not know that he is being fed this idea else it wont take.

As a witness in court you must tell the objective truth. You may do it with the Bible, Quran, or only raise up your hand to say "...the whole truth, and nothing but the truth". While we all each recognize a sovereignty outside ourselves, say its the creator, buddha, or justice. One is your keeper of the truth, and you represent them. So then we all believe in justice. This is a reality. We have attained objective truth. The objective isn't influenced by feelings or opinions in considering and representing facts.

Reality and truth are rarely the same

By Sushil Nash on Unsplash

However, you do know that justice is not always served? This is another reality that is not truth. Yet, reality and truth should be the same. But the distance between them equals the political left to right. Our reality is part subjective and objective. Now, it falls to you to make truth a reality. So by effort we seek justice through votes. This way democracy crafts futures; it responds to choices, believe and action. But we must make a truth-choice.

How does truth, law and justice work?

By Andreas Kind on Unsplash

If everyone served justice it will be chaos. Yet as a convict mercy is an ally. So we must realize love is the aim of the law; so everyone is treated equally. Because a person is above the law if all one does is based on ONLY love - you don't hurt a stranger, friend, colleague, family, or neighbor. This isn't our reality, yet it's the truth. We let pain win us off mercy (justice), or we sway a verdict deceiving truth. How did we get here?

The dawn of mankind

By Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash

When time dawned, so did mankind's ache to dominate. He erupted from obscurity leaving behind his ordinary place to journey earnestly towards gain. He succeeded through his passion, fortitude and ruthlessness without empathy. In a world built on more subjective truth, it's not a necessity. It is only his inventions and capacity to win that matter as profits must count. For his species are only for his use; to reach or attain and maintain his greed, want or desire.

What does it matter?

By vikram sundaramoorthy on Unsplash

There is much credit to man for his work. There is also much more credit to man for his mess. He has imbued the fabric of life with a ruthless rot. Now, our fate is sealed by his choices? 738 million people go hungry on a planet with much to spare. We yet war for power, profit, and honor in the midst of these needs. It's a reality that shouldn't be. But why does it not matter? As a few profit off this or more such situations. We need to choose better.

Why are we so terrible to each other?

By OPPO Find X5 Pro on Unsplash

"A lot of the cruelty we do to one another... are in fact because we recognize the humanity of the other person. We see other people as blameworthy, as morally responsible, as themselves cruel, as not giving us what we deserve, as taking more than they deserve. So we treat them horribly." - Paul Bloom.

Why hate not love? Why judgment not mercy? Why pride not humility? The irony of our end is in the regret of gains we earn in a lifetime only to lose it. No one care anymore, this world is not enough. But reality changes.

The mechanics of reality

What is reality? An acceptable idea is - the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them. Let's empty earth let alone skyscapes, landscapes, and seascapes. Its like a time-travel to the beginning, millions of years after the big bang when energy cooled into matter (planets).

A gedankenexperiment: the skyscape of a prebiotic earth

Skyscape: The very first atmosphere or heavens over the earth after many millions of years when the solar system had developed, and the big bang had cooled, was made of carbon dioxide, and unbreathable air. It couldn't support any living thing; man or woman, animal, bird, fish, or organism.

Let's do a gedankenexperiment on prebiotic earth to define reality. If there are no humans, animals, or plants, we omit the latter part of this definition. So our definition is 'reality is the state of things as they actually exist...'. Because in a prebiotic earth we have only skyscape, landscape, and seascape. So reality starts off as a the law of nature.

A gedankenexperiment: the landscape of a prebiotic earth

Landscape: The early Earth landscapes were free of birds, animals, and man or woman because they were formless and empty. (Photo: The Himalayas are a mountain range in Asia, the range has some of the planet's highest peaks, including the highest, Mount Everest).

With the skyscape empty, birds, planes, rockets, satellites, pollution, or war don't exist. There are zero continents - from a satellite photo earth has no country borders. It's all one landscape. The sea will flow without dams into rivers, ponds, back into rivers, and to sea. There is no Atlantic, Indian, or Pacific Ocean. It's one seascape. So, the reality in force is nature; the laws of mother nature define this reality.

A gedankenexperiment: the seascape of a prebiotic earth

Seascape: The early Earth had small rivers that flowed into larger rivers, and into seas. They flowed unhindered and were free of fish, birds, or animals to play in it because the Earth's atmosphere was unbreathable.

Is this 'reality the state of things as they actually exist'. Or we can dig into Physics. If we do, we find 'earth is made of energy'; matter, gravitational plus electromagnetic forces. Effectively, nature is in full force. Anyway, life now originates. If a bird, animal, fish, plant, and man enter this prebiotic earth, nature is their reality. Now the other half of our definition '... as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them' is now effect.

What scientists don't tell you about the origin of life

"Textbooks on this subject depict a prebiotic pond. In which the four basic molecules form a cell, and multiplies. And out of the pond rises a creature to depict life evolved from a single cell. This is fallacious! Synthetic Organic Chemists cannot prove this. They don't know how to define life, let alone spark it to begin. They only know that a cell can self replicate. They cannot even combine the four basic molecules in its configuration, even if they had the molecules handed to them." - James Tour

A gedankenexperiment: life on earth with the newbies

Mother Love: The bond between mother and son lasts a lifetime | Credit: Priya dsc

As the newbies relate, their choices create reality as each offspring receives empathy, care, attention, and provision. It then bonds to its parent. This is how love enters the prebiotic earth, by the laws of nature. While a seed the offspring is imperfect, but its incompleteness is hidden out of sight. A 'bio-destruct' sprouts and grows within it. That natural flaw that objects to do right. The bundle of joy ships with a DNA flaw. A worrisome imperfection.

Love is natures law. The one law we ignore

A family is made up of people who care for one another. It is an objective choice to love in a family | Credit: Dylan Sauerwein via Unsplash

This flaw infuses selfishness into humanity. It's for this that man lacks love for his species or kin. Yet to love is to treat another person as you'd like to be treated. It can then grow like a seed into a tree then forest. Yet this is not a reality. How then do you create this empathy? EDUCATION! It's through education and repeated practice!

"...everything around you, that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you." - Steve Jobs

Capitalism or democracy don't institute love

Crop dumping is one of the most pernicious forms of U.S. foreign aid. The intention is lovely, but the policy carrying out the intention is abhorrent. The farmers cannot compete with the price of zero.

In the 80s, Haiti had a strong rice industry. By 90s, U.S. and international creditors pushed Haiti to undertake Trade Liberalization (Free Trade). The US dumped rice into Haiti. It killed off Haiti's rice market sending a nation into foreign aid dependence. Haitian farmers deserved a chance to compete but U.S. policy (US Food Security Act, 1985) killed Haitian opportunities to escape poverty. The US crop dumping system keeps Haiti poor-dependent.

Our global system is based on subjective truth

A good quote, yet a terrible lesson for man to attain or achieve. The truth is this is not possible. Nature will always push back, and mankind will suffer the consequences. Do you recall COVID-19 or climate change?

Our ecological, economic, technological, social and political systems are 5 subsystems that make up our global system. Without a balanced ecological system, none of the others function. Recall the heat wave of 2022? We now have 12 years left to prevent climate catastrophe. We walk a thin tight rope between climate change and profits. This reality rests on subjective choices of economic, and political subsystems. And nature will always push back.

Yes fossil fuels with zero emission of CO2 is possible

Combustion frees 30 billion tons of CO2/year into our atmosphere. Instead of emitting this much CO2, we can form 8 billion tons of solid carbon. And, if we convert it into graphene, cheaply, like say for $100/ton, then we can add it to a host of building materials. This carbon will never enter into the atmosphere. It's fixed, likely for millennia or more. This is a true energy solution that won't break our economy. An objective truth, not yet a reality.

A lesson of truth vs reality from the universe

Have you noticed when water swirls around the drain? It is the same effect time experiences around a black hole. Above, the time clock of the planet orbiting the black hole is 7x faster than it is on earth. Or seven hours on earth is one hour on this planet orbiting the blackhole - Interstellar (2015) directed by Christopher Nolan

Spacetime fuses 3-dimensions of space and one 1-dimension of time into one single 4-dimension. It has been the basis of earth's theories, yet we cannot view these dimensions directly. We can only infer their existence from our everyday encounters during a lifetime. Our lives are wrapped up inside a bubble of 4 dimensions. We exist inside a theoretical container defining "where and when we are" in the cosmos.

In layman's terms...

Albert Einstein-seen here teaching a group of African American students, worked on the "Theory of Everything", even until his dying day. The Theory of Everything is yet unsolved.

We move through space, either left or right, forward or backward, and up or down. Everything around us; "familiar and visible", from the houses we live in, to the objects we use everyday all have three dimensions: height, length, and width. Yet, at each point when we are in a "space", we are there at a specific "time". So the 4 dimensions are inseparable.

Can there be more than 4 dimensions?

By Joanna Nix-Walkup on Unsplash

It is possible gravity may be thought of as a 5th dimension. But its tough to explain. These efforts led to string theory or theory of everything or multi-dimensional reality proposing 1o+ dimensions. Yet unproven, it points to the right questions. when proven true, it may not be about a measurable quantity in a laboratory but a new reality or life awaiting humankind in hyperspace. A reach beyond our grasp but a possible reality.

Re-thinking the bubble

A creation may have to happen for mankind to move into hyperspace or a higher dimension because it must be away from the senses or 4 dimensions we already know too well. This way we may be equipped to get into it.

We may have to rethink the idea of "what is a dimension?". It may simply be a plane (a level of existence) where energy is transferred. If there up tp 10+ dimensions, then whatever explanation we now have for these higher dimensions will feel inherently counterintuitive. We will need to find a new way to describe them.

Hyperspace - a higher dimension

The cosmos or universe is a 4th-dimensional world that is defined as the "bubble" of the familiar (common) and visible things that we share or don't think that we share.

All matter needs a medium to travel - sound needs air to move, but light doesn't. It travels to earth from the sun through a vacuum. It questions our bubble. How then is light matter? Its behavior places light past our bubble. So we have known an object from another dimension all along. One in our grasp, but beyond reach. If we can see into its dimension, we'd observe our bubble with fresh results. This can redefine Physics, extend man's grasp.

The bubble of familiar and visible things

By Marc Sendra Martorell on Unsplash

We live in a bubble of familiar and visible things. It is a misconception to think we don't have things in common. The uncommon things are in the bubble anyway. I'd think two friends are familiar with uncommon things they don't share. The bubble contains all our reason, experience, culture, excitement, hope, mistake, ideology, or philosophy. These emanate from our collective conscious but we don't know it all. We learn from each other.

Things outside pushing into the bubble

The Bifrost, a rainbow bridge in Asgard is an example of an Einstein-Rosen bridge, A bridge between the physical and the non-physical world.

We are blind to things outside pushing to get inside the bubble. If anything penetrates, its added and normalizes. What is retained stays in the bubble and stores in the collective conscious. Once we make sense of it, we will use it. Currently, we are unaware of extra dimensions. So, if light reaches us from such dimension, it could be like the Bifrost of Asgard. The carps story below illustrates this better.

A carp in a shallow pond: a bubble-type

The carp fish lives in its universe, a murky shallow pond, foraging on the bottom unaware an alien world could exist above the surface. We are separated from the carp only by the thinnest barrier, the water's surface.

"Living their entire lives in the shallow pond, carps would believe that their universe consisted of murky water and lilies. Spending most of their time foraging on the bottom of the pond, they would be only dimly aware that an alien world could exist above the surface."

"The nature of my world was beyond their comprehension. I was intrigued that I could sit only a few inches from the carp, yet be separated from them by an immense chasm. The carp and I spent our lives in two distinct universes, never entering each other's world, yet were separated by only the thinnest barrier, the water's surface."

"I often think that we are like the carp... confident that our universe consists of only those things we see or touch. Like the carp, our universe consists of only the familiar and the visible. We smugly refuse to admit that parallel universes or dimensions can exist next to ours, just beyond our grasp." - Michio Kaku

Can eternity be a dimension or parallel universe?

Is eternity a dimension we can reach? Can String Theory open up to humans such a dimension or higher dimension or hyperspace? Or it is already available?

To reach and grasp a non 10+ dimension world means the physics of such a world would deny a physical body. We might need a new body to get inside. There 1000 years can be a day, or a day can be 1000 years. No time means no future or past. No future means no plans. No past means no regret or worry or memory. No memory means no identity. What exists is a present that remains present. A recurring day. A plane of existence in no-time. A zero-time dimension. Immortality? Eternity? The reach we are presented with is far and wide, but we are selfish to one another.

The earth is a gift

The earth as seen from the International Space Station (ISS).

It is our gift. Our reality. We are to multiply, fill, share and take care of it. But humankind has executed his own schemes. Today we sail an odyssey of his consequence to a fateful end as the earth may have picked up an end date. Our offspring suffer. Those of us who survive are uneducated to love, share and give charitably, but practice selfishness, choking this beautiful world. Why are we so terrible to each other? When will we learn, that we have much to gain from reaching many, than just few? Reach people, reach beyond selfishness into LOVE!

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